Friday, March 29, 2013

Five For Friday 50

Another exhausting week to get to yet another uneventful Friday.

1. I’m not surprised that Indiana lost last night. Never once this season have I looked at that team and thought they were one of the best college basketball teams in the country. They were suspect and overrated.

2. My goodness I am glad that streak is over. Good thing I gave up watching SportsCenter a long time ago because their stanning is insufferable (Seriously the honchos over at ESPN need to seek help. Their obsession with the Miami Heat is not healthy).

3. I notice that there isn’t much hype around Easter this year...good.

4. I’m probably the only person who thinks it is highly suspect that FX decided to create a new network and then decided to send most of the shows with suck ratings that probably need to be canceled to the new network (What kind of name is FXX anyway? Sounds like a math problem to me).

5. Corporations are so desperate with their age targeted advertising when they should realize that half of their problems would be solved if they stopped trying so hard to look cool an modern.


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