Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Ratings Blurbs 3/19/13 Edition

I suppose the theme of the week is that there are a lot of struggling shows to talk about in this list [Full List Here].

1. Anger Management (845,000 0.4)- I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it ends. I don’t know how Charlie Sheen conned FX into giving this show so many episodes.

2. Braxton Family Values (1.01 million 0.5)- I had no idea that this show was even coming back until Thursday morning. That being said these are some good numbers. I guess WE managed to get the word out somehow because anything over a million viewers on that network is high for them.

3. La La’s Full Court Life (Episode 9: 924,000 0.5; Finale: 785,000 0.4)- So this show ends its season with 4 of 10 episodes being below 1 million viewers. What’s more damaging is all 4 episodes were also the last 4 episodes. Yes some of it is due to overall viewer erosion on Mondays but Black Ink Crew hasn’t fallen that hard (with the exception of this week) so there aren’t really excuses on that front. I would imagine that VH1 perhaps may not renew this show. They still have two other undecided 30-minute shows that had much better numbers than this.

4. The Lying Game (1.105 million 0.5)- This show has 2 things it needs to thank. 1...it needs to thank Bunheads for pulling lower numbers than this and 2...it needs to thank its lucky stars that it still has another half of a season to air. Now they need to wish and hope that one of those 2 new dramas is not a hit because these numbers are highly suspect for a show that has spent most of its life treading on thin ice.

5. Love & Hip Hop 3 (1.511 million 0.9)- Another week, another season low. The good news for VH1 is that this show will be gone in 5 weeks. The bad news is that they are going to have 3 new or returning shows that will get saddled with 1-2 episodes of this show before Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta takes over. Still it’s doing better than Basketball Wives LA....see what I mean when I say their Monday schedule is shakier than you might think?

6. Dancing With the Stars (17.06 million 3.2)- Yes these numbers are good but the only word that comes to my mind when thinking about the numbers for this show is suspect. This show is suspect and I’m not even sure I want to spend 45 minutes of my time every week writing articles to talk about the ratings for this show and how it compares to The Voice (That plus NBC is going to run The Voice well into June and it is very hard to write a 300 word article about the ratings of one show). Point is, I’m not buying these numbers for the rest of the season.

7. Hell’s Kitchen (Part 1: 5.30 million 2.1; Part 2: 5.78 million 2.3)- We know these numbers are good for this show during the summer but I wonder if FOX is shooting themselves in the foot for bringing this back so early. April and May can be really tough since previous years have shown that viewers get exhausted with the broadcast network schedule.

8. Bates Motel (3.043 million 1.3)- This is a pretty good start for a show that I suppose has been hyped for the last 4 months. I still have not a clue as to what the show is about but maybe I’ll figure it out one day through some means that doesn’t involve actually watching it.

9. Deception (3.41 million 1.2)- NBC really does not need to renew this. Their ratings are in the toilet but when it comes to dramas they do know they can do better than this. Also I get the feeling that the strategy they pulled this year (giving a bunch of low rated shows a pass only to have them continue to crumble) will probably not fly for next year especially when they are going to have so many opportunities to help new shows.

10. Wicked Single (281,000)- Something told me that this show was going to get terrible ratings. I guess that’s why VH1 just stuck this at 11pm and not at a more reasonable time. Now that I know what general area this show is probably going to stay in I don’t believe I will make the effort to seek out the numbers on a weekly basis.


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