Sunday, March 31, 2013

10 Reasons Why Holidays Suck: Easter Edition

Having a holiday on the last day of the month is probably the most terrible way to end a month. Just terrible I tell you.

1. Those poor, poor wasted eggs and I don’t even really like eggs like that but still (Plus it takes like a week for that dye to come off of your fingers. Just use plastic eggs).

2. I still have an irrational disdain for that plastic imitation grass that comes in Easter baskets even though I haven’ t seen any of it in more than 15 years.

3. Easter candy is horrible. It’s like sawdust, dried gum and chalk that may or may not be covered in chocolate.

4. It’s like the lost holiday because it’s always on Sunday and you never really know what date it is until maybe 4 days before it gets here.

5. People you know tend to get more religious and it’s highly annoying.

6. By now I would hope that people have stopped giving their kids baby chicks and rabbits as presents (Not that I have anything against rabbits as pets. Just don't do it if your kid doesn't care about taking care of it).

7. Because they are going to show that super old 10 Commandments movie that everyone is obligated to see at least 6 times in their lives because they don’t have a choice not to watch.

8. Those wretched clothes. Frilly, pastel colors, hell just dressing up in general is something that still makes me shudder.

9. Because people can’t decide if the mascot should actually be a big, scary looking Amazon bunny or zombie Jesus Christ.

10. Because apparently there’s actually no one set way to celebrate this day (not that it matters to me because I won’t be celebrating it at all).


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