Friday, March 8, 2013

Five For Friday 47

This here is actually my 200th post. I'm also less than a month away from having this thing up for a whole year. Does it make me happy? Not really but it should be clear by now that I'm not ever happy.

1. Grimm is finally back tonight. Feels like forever since I’ve actually had to get up on Saturday morning to pay attention to the Friday night ratings.

2. I’m not understanding how or why Fashion Star got another season and since its airing before Grimm then I’m going to assume that it won’t make it to see a season 3.

3. Why are there so many attention whores out here in this world? That seriously has to be the least entertaining thing one can do with their time.

4. I’m so upset that nobody put me on to cooking with a crockpot sooner (It’s like he best tool for lazy people who only want to put in 15-20 minutes max into cooking something elaborate).

5. I may start updating a lot of those review posts in the next few weeks if I get around to it. Quite a few of them need some sort of restructuring and it doesn’t hurt to bump them so they have a 2013 date on them.


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