Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Who takes a vacation after a holiday? I do.

No, seriously. I do need a break. Those of you who stuck with me through my Bourgy days know that I've been trying to pursue a career as a self-published author. I've been hard at work with that (I just published a new short story a couple of weeks ago, but my full catalog of 13 books is here). Buy a book...or two...or three. It won't break your budget and you've probably wasted a dollar on worse things.

On top of that, you all know I've mentioned having issues with trying to come up with 10 shows to talk about every week since the broadcast season ended. So, I've decided to just give myself a vacation and take the rest of the month off from posting the 10 ratings blurbs list. I'll keep the VH1 2016 list updated and I'll be ready to go again in August.