Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 10/2/12 Edition

There are a lot of shows to talk about, particularly broadcast shows, so I had a lot more to say than other weeks. [Full List Here]

1. The Mindy Project (4.67 million 2.4)- This is FOX and with their comedies, the viewers almost always look like they suck for a broadcast network. Fortunately FOX shows skew younger than every other broadcast network except The CW. So when you take that into consideration the demo isn’t bad. It’s not particularly good but it’s not bad either (And FOX is in a world of hell with their live-action comedies. If this or Ben & Kate continue to sink in the coming weeks one will be canceled after it airs its 13th episode. The other will get a full season and then there will still be no guarantee for season 2).

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (2.756 million 1.4)- TLC was off the radar for a little bit but they are back now and they are determined to out trash every trashy cable network around. Luckily for them phase 1 of that plan is complete and they have a 4th 2 million plus show to go with Sister Wives, Long Island Medium and Breaking Amish.

3. All the Right Moves (74,000 0.0)- I’ve said everything I could possibly say about this show and there’s nothing new to say other than this show has never gotten above 125,000 viewers and it hasn’t been above 100,000 viewers since episode 2. Oxygen will not speak another word about this show.

4. Revenge (Clip Show: 5.20 million 1.5; Premiere: 9.74 million 3.2)- Given that this move could have been disastrous for them this is a very good start. The drop from Once Upon A Time in the demo is a little worrying but there is a brewing Sunday storm for ABC coming and this show isn’t it.

5. Once Upon A Time (Clip Show: 6.04 million 1.9; Premiere- 11.36 million 3.9)- This is a stellar start for this show. To say that ABC is thrilled would be an understatement. At the very least this is one place where ABC won’t have to worry about this season.

6. Two and a Half Men (12.54 million 3.5)- On the surface this looks good. But this is CBS and when you’re put behind The Big Bang Theory (which got a 5.0 demo on Thursday) this looks like trash. CBS messed up on two fronts (because 2 Broke Girls is too weak to be the anchor and Partners is about to be canceled but CBS only has room to fix one mistake (because they only have 2 comedies in reserve). It will be interesting to see what happens but don’t be surprised if the calls grow louder for CBS to announce this season as the last.

7. Scandal (6.74 million 2.1)- See getting a 2.0 demo in April after networks have endured 7 months of carnage isn’t great but they will take it. Getting that same demo in September is almost always bad. This show is going to have to pull this same number every week just to get a full season (Right now it’s only saving grace is that every ABC 10pm show plus Last Resort is in this same general area so as long as it’s not in the bottom 2 it may scrape out that full season order that it doesn’t currently have even though it’s a show in season 2).

8. Elementary (13.41 million 3.1)- As with most CBS shows, the viewers look great and makes you think the show is the next big hit. However that demo is not where CBS wants it to be. It’s certainly not a problem at the moment but it will need to be watched to see where the floor is before making a call.

9. Dexter (2.403 million 1.3)- Though I doubt the ratings for this season will grow from here this is a very good start for the show. It got overshadowed by a lot of the broadcast openers but it continues to deliver for Showtime even in season 7.

10. Homeland (1.727 million 0.7)- Some people want to call this low but those people need to realize this is Showtime. Outside of Dexter, not many of their shows even see 1 million viewers (Really only Shameless comes close to that. The rest are so far off you need a microscope to find them). So this show got the prime spot and maybe it sucks for other shows but that’s the drawback to having one hit show Something will go behind it to benefit and everything else will have to fend for itself.


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