Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 10/9/12 Edition

I think I'm a little too nice with these things. Time to get back to my roots and start getting meaner because these networks all seem to refuse to admit that they made a lot of bad choices this year [Full list here].

1. Couples Therapy (548,000 0.3)- This came in above the first season but it still isn’t in the clear yet now that VH1 knows what numbers other kinds of shows (with and without promotion) can get on Wednesdays (If you’ve seen this post know that the premiere puts the show right at #16)

2. Jersey Shore (Premiere: 4.694 million 2.5; Episode 2: 4.173 million 2.3)- I’m not surprised with these numbers. I should be surprised but I’m not because for me at least it was expected that this show wasn’t going to be completely immune to MTV’s recent suffering.

3. Supernatural (1.85 million 0.8)- This is going to be a rough rough year for the CW and right now Supernatural is marking its space to remain in the top 3-4 CW shows. If Arrow flops (for The CW and for critic expectations an Arrow flop would be described as anything equal to or lower than this Supernatural episode) then a new word will need to be invented because disaster will not be a strong enough word.

4. Abby & Brittany (985,000 0.4)- TLC has seen worse numbers than this but when they have so many other shows that perform much better than this, another season probably isn’t needed. TLC also has plenty of shows in reserve so that just strengthens the argument against renewing this show.

5. Bad Girls Club: Mexico (1.221 million 0.6)- Not that these numbers matter too much at this point but unless the finale and the 3 part reunion stages a comeback, season 9 is poised to have the lowest ratings of the franchise since season 3.

6. Project Runway (1.907 million 0.6)- The one thing that surprises me a little is how close this show is to the end of the season and there doesn’t seem to be a late improvement as in past seasons. I’m not looking for any improvement this Thursday but surely Lifetime wants this back over 2 million.

7. The New Normal (4.50 million 1.7)- NBC was too premature in giving this show a full season. Now that they have they are stuck with it and they know it. Don’t be surprised if some major moves come down and they end up shuffling a lot of their shows around.

8. Last Resort (8.00 million 1.9)- This is a classic case of a show with a decent amount of viewers and a very sucky demo rating (And people will learn that high viewers rarely save shows with low demos). Sure there’s one show in front of this that’s probably going to get canceled first but that’s not saying much at all. Another drop and this is probably 13 and done too.

9. 666 Park Avenue (4.99 million 1.7)- Any fans of this show need to find some more people to watch this quickly because it is not long for this world. Less than 5 million and below 2.0 in the demo for Sundays on ABC is embarrassing and despite what people want to think, ABC Sunday shows perform better with football competition than it does without it (This show probably won't see the day where it airs without football).

10. Grimm (5.29 million 1.6)- The early episodes didn’t really help this show but they absolutely did not hurt when it came off of its break either. NBC is pleased because this is the one scripted timeslot (even if it is Friday) that they don’t have to worry about (and since they are already flinching first there’s some smoke over there in that camp that not even The Voice can cover).


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