Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 10/16/12 Edition

I don't feel all that well today and this is up an hour later than I would have liked. [Full List Here]

1. Real Housewives of New Jersey (3.306 million 1.6)- This isn’t bad but probably below what Bravo was hoping for with this part of the reunion (or actually all 3 parts in general). That’s not to say the ratings for this show are terrible (because they are far from it) but it’s possible that the show has hit its peak.

2. The Vampire Diaries (3.18 million 1.6)- Seeing that The CW has had and continues to have horrendous ratings, this is great. However we have also seen that fall is much more kind to CW shows than the winter and spring so hopefully this late start will help slow the bleeding (Because it will come. Probably not next week, or the week after but it will come and you will know when it happens).

3. Arrow (4.14 million 1.3)- Aside the fact that these ratings are good (because they are) 2 important things must be said. 1) As long as the demo (that 1.3 number) is below The Vampire Diaries, it will not be described as The CW’s highest rated show. 2) It is possible to have a lot of viewers and a lower demo than a show with fewer viewers and a higher demo. That means the viewers watching the show are younger than 18 or older than 49 (In Arrow’s case it’s older).

4. The Walking Dead (10.872 million 5.8)- I don’t think you will be able to find 5 people out here who expected this show to come back as big as it did. It’s a given that it’s not going to stay here but it’s also not likely that will lose more than half of its audience in 4 episodes either. Other Sunday shows should rightfully be scared.

5. Real Housewives of NYC (1.720 million 0.8)- Just like this entire season, the ratings could have been better but they could have been worse. At least Bravo had enough sense to not waste a 3 part reunion on this show (Next week they will air clip shows for this show and Real Housewives of New Jersey).

6. Bad Girls Club: Mexico (1.569 million 0.8)- These finale numbers look weak to me only because this season has only really had 2 decently rated episodes. I guess it will be all on the 3 part reunion to save the show now. It's certainly not out of contention to at least get back to having a 1.5 million viewer average for the season.

7. Keyshia & Daniel: Family First (2.924 million 1.5)- Some people will be ready to declare this show a hit but I’m not sold. BET gave it the best lead-in they could offer for this time of year and this is what you would call being sampled. Other BET shows that have had huge 1st week lead-ins only to be left out on an island for week 2 and beyond tend to fall off pretty hard so the ratings will need to be watched (It also needs to be watched because it’s BET’s only reality show on the schedule for the foreseeable future)

8. Chrissy & Mr. Jones (1.721 million 1.0)- This show's numbers are downright bizarre to me. Some weeks it's down and it doesn't look good and other weeks it's up and it looks ok. This is an up week but given how much Basketball Wives LA came up this week (1.710 million up from 1.198 million last week) it makes me wonder think that while this show is lead-in dependent, it doesn't have that much of a faithful audience either.

9. Beauty & The Beast (2.78 million 1.2)- While The CW is certainly not crying over these numbers these aren’t exactly jump for joy numbers either. The CW has tried for several years to find one show that can find (and keep) an audience behind The Vampire Diaries. Since this is a little below what The Secret Circle started with (It should also be noted that The Secret Circle premiered with the same demo as Arrow last year) any celebrations will be premature (but perhaps not so premature that The CW will go ahead and order a full season).

10. The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (1.060 million 0.7)- I’m not here to beat a dead horse about MTV’s ratings so all I wonder is do they have a different set of producers and casting directors every season? How is it that people want to watch every other season of this show?


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