Friday, August 31, 2012

Five For Friday 20

Once again it's another long holiday weekend which means I'll pretty much have to take a break from the internet to work on home stuff (I sigh. Probably won't be back before Wednesday unless I feel like putting up something).

1. The current two-party political system is not based upon upholding certain values anymore. They try to do that but it’s a lie. Really all they do is try to convince you that the other guys suck while trying to hide that they suck just as bad (Then our job is to choose which one might suck less).

2. Why do teachers wait until a week before school starts before they want to talk about going on strike and where was this when I was still in school? (I can understand where both sides are coming from somewhat but the end result is kids still don’t learn a damn thing in school anymore).

3. The Bears had a pretty good preseason minus that first game. That makes me a little bit worried because now expectations are going to be high (On a related note the local sports media will just go back to not giving a damn about the White Sox even though they have been in first place nearly all season. It’s cool though. We don’t need people on the bandwagon…just asses in the seats at the ballpark since real fans have actual responsibilities to tend to…like work and not playing hooky in the ballpark at 1pm like delusional Cubs fans do).

4. I may be the only person in the world who can’t get with touch-screen phones but I’m going to be honest with you. They suck. I need buttons and those things are not designed with people with unsteady hands. Not all technology is good.

5. When did it become acceptable for a guy to get cursed out in public just because he offered a girl a seat on the bus? Why is it ok to be ratchet? Just terrible (Yes this is a true story that actually happened and the resolution was that the guy snapped and spent 15 minutes pretending to call the police claiming that the girl assaulted him while the girl, her friends and other people on the bus laughed at the man. None of the other people on the bus were going to take the man’s side anyway even before he started acting crazy so the lesson learned here is….hell I don’t even know what the lesson in this is other than if you know a person who likes to be loud and crazy tell them to STFU because the next person might just be crazier than they are and there is no shortage of people out here who won’t feel sorry for them if that person goes off. In life you learn that not many people really give a crap about you).


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