Friday, August 24, 2012

Five For Friday 19

Yes I am up extremely early and posting this at 7am (Did you think the Insomniac part in my title was just made up? LOL think again)

 1.  I can’t believe ANTM starts today. No I’m not going to watch it but it still feels way too damn early to even be thinking about waiting on the ratings for that show (That means I have to remind myself to go to TVBTN tomorrow).

2.  Both political parties are losing like hell when the major networks only want to give them each one hour per day of their conventions. I mean of course the cable news networks and C-Span have that on lock but still only reaching probably a combined 18 million viewers for 3 hours each day is way worse than reaching a potential combined 30 million viewers (and even that is pitiful for broadcast TV) for only one hour each day (Really shows you that the American people would much rather watch later summer reality crap and football than a bunch of stuffy politicians spewing off BS).

3.  On that note. Isaac isn’t going to do a damn thing to Tampa. Didn’t a Tropical Storm/Hurricane spook the RNC 4 years ago too? (Note to RNC: Stop holding your conventions in or near Florida. I’m pretty damn sure Scottsdale and their 113 degree weather would love having you...Looking at you especially John Boehner).

4.  I am honestly saddened to know that Yo Gabba Gabba still comes on TV. Furthermore Netflix sucks for only having the first 2 seasons available (and still my cousin only wants to not watch the same 2 episodes :: sigh ::)

5.  I have seriously forgotten what it was like to be awake before sunrise. It shook the hell outta me when I noticed there was light coming through my windows (and now I will have to shield my eyes for the next hour because the sun shines directly in my room).


FOL said...

I get up 5am every morning, you should try it.

Silverstar2154 said...

I used to long ago but I got away from that.

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