Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cable Show Scorecard: August 2012

This month's scorecard brings a lot of changes, unfortunately for me none of them involve making this list any shorter. There were quite a few renewals and quite a few cancellations (official announcements and the 8+ month variety). There were also some shows that went on or off hiatus (for the ones that came off hiatus and are airing now they aren't on the list. If they are on hiatus appropriate designations and comments have been made).

As with last month any announcements that come in today (which should be anything that happens in the next 3-4 hours) will be added in this post. Anything that happens tomorrow and beyond will go in next month's post.

If you like you can read the posts from May, June and July here.

Renewed Shows
Anger Management (FX) [This is for 90 episodes but no word on how they will be broken up]
Baby Daddy (ABC Family)
Bar Rescue (Spike)
Braxton Family Values (WE) [The episodes airing now are technically an extension of the already super-sized season 2. This here is the official season 3 renewal]
Bunheads (ABC Family) [This is only for the 2nd half of season 1 and ABC Family is hinting at a January return for this. Any decision for a season 2 renewal will come sometime after those episodes start airing]
Couples Therapy (VH1)
Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution (Comedy Central)
Hoarders (A&E) [This is renewed for a season 6 which was supposed to start August 13th. A&E announced today that the show will return September 10th]
It’s a Brad, Brad World (Bravo)
Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best (WE)
La La’s Full Court Life (VH1)
Louie (FX)
Melissa & Joey (ABC Family)
Money From Strangers (MTV)
Paranormal Witness (Syfy)
Perception (TNT)
Restaurant Stakeout (Food) [Food Network never made an official renewal announcement for this however it returns tonight (August 29th) and all of the new episodes are designated as season 2 episodes]
Single Ladies (VH1)
Snooki & JWOWW (MTV)
Switched at Birth (ABC Family) [To clarify, this is for season 2. The episodes premiering next week are the last episodes of season 1]
The Pitch (AMC) [I’ll admit to being wrong on this one but AMC knew this had bad ratings. The premiere had 143,000 viewers and 0.0 in the demo, that’s why it got moved to 11pm. They are also saying it will probably be next summer before this returns so they could actually rethink this one or still try to pull some shady scheduling. Critical acclaim only does so much.]

Undecided/On Hiatus Shows
1000 Ways to Die (Spike) [Last new episode: April]
16 & Pregnant (MTV) [Last new episode: June]
24 Hour Catwalk (Lifetime) [Last new episode: March]
3 Days to Open With Bobby Flay (Food) [Last new episode: August 17th]
7 Days of Sex (Lifetime) [Last new episode: June]
After the Runway (Lifetime) [Last new episode: October (I’m giving this one more month. I went back and looked at previous scheduling of this and it indicates that Lifetime doesn’t make the call for this until the last 4-5 episodes of the season. This current season has 14 episodes and has only aired 6 so far so it would still be too early to see if this is a goner or not)]
American Restoration (History) [On hiatus until September 12th]
America’s Best Dance Crew (MTV) [Last new episode: June]
America’s Supernanny (Lifetime) [Last new episode: February]
Angry Boys (HBO) [Last new episode: February]
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Adult Swim) [Last new episode: August 26th]
Around the World in 80 Plates (Bravo) [Last new episode: July]
Around the World in 80 Ways (History) [Last new episode: December]
Ax Men (History) [Last new episode: May]
Barter Kings (A&E) [Last new episode: August 1st]
Beavis & Butthead (MTV) [Last new episode: December]
Bethenny Ever After (Bravo) [Last new episode: May]
Big Shrimpin’ (History) [Last new episode: January]
Billy the Exterminator (A&E) [Last new episode: March]
Bounty Wars (Discovery) [Last new episode: July]
Brides of Beverly Hills (TLC) [Last new episode: December]
Brooklyn 11223 (Oxygen) [Last new episode: April]
Caged (MTV) [Last new episode: March]
Cake Boss (TLC) [Last new episode: July 23rd]
Cajun Justice (A&E) [Last new episode: August 16th]
Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew (VH1) [Last new episode: December; On Hiatus]
Cellblock 6 (TLC) [Last new episode: December]
Chef Hunter (Food) [Last new episode: December]
Common Law (USA) [Last new episode: August 10th]
Dance Moms: Miami (Lifetime) [Last new episode: May]
Deadliest Catch (Discovery) [Last new episode: August 7th]
Destination Truth (Syfy) [Last new episode: August 14th]
Diamond Divers (Spike) [Last new episode: August 1st]
Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding (Bravo) [Last new episode: June]
Dream Machines (Syfy) [Last new episode: May]
Episodes (Showtime) [Last new episode: August 26th]
Extreme Couponing (TLC) [Last new episode: June]
Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (Syfy) [Last new episode: June]
Fairly Legal (USA) [Last new episode: June]
Fashion Hunters (Bravo) [Last new episode: December]
Fat Chef (Food) [Last new episode: March]
Final Offer (Discovery) [Last new episode: July]
First Week In (Discovery) [Last new episode: February]
Flying Wild Alaska (Discovery) [Last new episode: July]
Four Houses (TLC) [Last new episode: August 6th]
Franklin & Bash (TNT) [Last new episode: August 14th]
Frozen Planet (Discovery) [Last new episode: April]
Full Metal Jousting (History) [Last new episode: April]
Ghost Hunters International (Syfy) [Last new episode: April]
Haunted Highway (Syfy) [Last new episode: August 7th]
Heat Seekers (Food) [Last new episode: March]
Hip Hop Squares (MTV2) [Last new episode: July]
Hollywood Treasure (Syfy) [Last new episode: June]
Ice Loves Coco (E!) [Last new episode: April]
Insane or Inspired (Syfy) [Last new episode: June]
Interior Therapy With Jeff Lewis (Bravo) [Last new episode: May]
Invention Hunters (Food) [Last new episode: June]
Invention USA (History) [Last new episode: December]
IRT: Deadliest Roads (History) [Last new episode: December]
Jersey Couture (Oxygen) [Last new episode: March]
Khloe & Lamar (E!) [Last new episode: May; On Hiatus]
Kourtney & Kim Take New York (E!) [Last new episode: January]
Leave it to Niecy (TLC) [Last new episode: April]
Life’s Too Short (HBO) [Last new episode: April]
Little People; Big World (TLC) [Last new episode: June]
Love & Hip Hop (VH1) [Last new episode: February]
Mad Fashion (Bravo) [Last new episode: December]
Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole (Adult Swim) [Last new episode: March]
Merlin (Syfy) [Last new episode: March]
Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles (Bravo) [Last new episode: August 15th]
Miss Advised (Bravo) [Last new episode: August 6th]
Mob Wives: Chicago (VH1) [Last new episode: August 19th]
Monster In-Laws (A&E) [Last new episode: June]
Monster Man (Syfy) [Last new episode: April]
Mountain Men (History) [Last new episode: July]
Mrs. Eastwood & Company (E!) [Last new episode: July]
Mudcats (History) [Last new episode: April]
My 600 LB Life (TLC) [Last new episode: March]
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (TLC) [Last new episode: May]
Mystery Diners (Food) [Last new episode: July]
My Strange Addiction (TLC) [Last new episode: March]
Mythbusters (Discovery) [Last new episode: June]
On Freddie Roach (HBO) [Last new episode: February]
On the Fly (TLC) [Last new episode: July]
Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy (History) [Last new episode: April]
Parking Wars (A&E) [Last new episode: April]
Picked Off (History) [Last new episode: August 15th]
Pregnant in Heels (Bravo) [Last new episode: July]
Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) [Last new episode: August 28th; On hiatus until October 23rd (Halloween Episode)]
Project Accessory (Lifetime) [Last new episode: December]
Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime) [Last new episode: March]
Project Runway All Stars: After the Runway (Lifetime) [Last new episode: March]
Punk’d (MTV) [Last new episode: June]
Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook Off (Food) [Last new episode: January]
Ragin’ Cajuns (Discovery) [Last new episode: February]
Randy to the Rescue (TLC) [Last new episode: August 10th]
Real Deal (History) [Last new episode: December]
Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (MTV) [Last new episode: April] 
Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids (TLC) [Last new episode June]
Sister Wives (TLC) [Last new episode: June]
Sons of Guns (Discovery) [Last new episode: April]
Storm Chasers (Discovery) [Last new episode: December]
Strange Sex (TLC) [Last new episode: August 26th]
Styled By June (VH1) [Last new episode: April]
Swamp Loggers (Discovery) [Last new episode: January]
Swamp People (History) [Last new episode: July]
Sweet Genius (Food) [Last new episode: June]
Tanisha Gets Married (Oxygen) [Last new episode: July]
Tattoo School (TLC) [Last new episode: June]
The A-List: New York (Logo) [Last new episode: December]
The First 48: Missing Persons (A&E) [Last new episode: April]
The Glades (A&E) [Last new episode: August 12th]
The Glee Project (Oxygen) [Last new episode: August 14th]
The Great Escape (TNT) [Last new episode: August 26th]
The Little Couple (TLC) [Last new episode: May]
The Next Food Network Star (Food) [Last new episode July]
The Pauly D Project (MTV) [Last new episode: June]
The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo) [Last new episode: April]
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo) [Last new episode: February] 
The Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo) [Last new episode: July] 
The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO) [Last new episode: July]
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family) [Last new episode: August 27th; On Hiatus]
Top Shot (History) [Last new episode: May]
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Oxygen) [Last new episode: January]
Tough Love (VH1) [Last new episode: June]
True Life (MTV) [Last new episode: April]
Ugly Americans (Comedy Central) [Last new episode: April]
Undercover Princes (TLC) [Returns September 21st under the new name Secret Princes]
United Stats of America (History) [Last new episode: June]
Unsupervised (FX) [Last new episode: March]
Weed Wars (Discovery) [Last new episode: December]
World’s Toughest Trucker (Discovery) [Last new episode: February]

Canceled Shows
American Hoggers (A&E) [Last new episode: November]
Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas (Oxygen) [Last episode: November]
Bordertown: Laredo (A&E) [Last new episode: November]
Chelsea Settles (MTV) [Last new episode: November]
Cuff’d (MTV) [Last new episode: November]
Dirty Soap (E!) [Last new episode: November]
Ev & Ocho (VH1)
Food Network Challenge (Food) [Last new episode: November]
Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels (A&E)
I Used to be Fat (MTV) [Last new episode: November]
Jane By Design (ABC Family)
Lady Hoggers (A&E) [Last new episode: November]
Lottery Changed My Life (TLC) [Last new episode: November]
Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time (Comedy Central) [Last new episode: November]
Quints By Surprise (TLC) [Last new episode: November]
The Killing (AMC)
Urban Legends (Syfy) [Last new episode: November]
Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (Bravo)

Ending Shows
The Big C (Showtime)


Anna Mae said...
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Anna Mae said...
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Anna Mae said...

I really, really like work of art. Sorry to read that it's been canceled.

I see that Fairly Legal is on the bubble. This show can't be missed.

I think there might be a flying piggybank blimp protest if my favorite legal show is axed.

Silverstar2154 said...

It seems to me like quite a few networks, namely USA, Bravo and MTV seem to have way more bubble shows than they know what to do with and that is what is taking so long for them to make their decisions.

Meanwhile all three are still airing shows and most of those are getting bubble type numbers as well. They can't keep waiting too long though, especially on the scripted shows because of the time it takes to produce them.

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