Friday, August 3, 2012

Five For Friday 16

I will force myself to get things done this weekend. :: sigh ::

1. My allergies are terrible and this hot weather makes it worse. It’s not cool when you spend half of the day having breathing problems (Indoors I might add. Outdoors and make all that 5 times worse).

2. The days and weeks go so fast. If it weren’t for this blog there would be a really good chance that I wouldn’t know what day this is.

3. What the hell is up with all these baby/adoption reality shows popping up or are in the works? (Looks to me like they have beaten the “finding love” genre to death and have just skipped straight to people having or wanting kids).

4. In a related thought…I don’t really get this argument over Chick-fil-A. 2 weeks ago I didn’t even know there was one restaurant in the City of Chicago (and it’s downtown where rich people live and go to school). But that controversy. I don’t get it at all. Where is the outrage for all the straight people who spit on the thought of preserving the sanctity of marriage?

5. You know what? I can’t get with 90% of all the local restaurant reviews on the news. I know the purpose is to expose people to foods they may have never seen or tried before but does that really work if most of the food looks unappealing? (Perhaps it’s just me. Admittedly I don’t care for trying new food. As a result I get tired of the food I eat regularly and that makes me want to eat less therefore keeping me skinny. I should sell that as a weight loss secret)


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