Tuesday, July 17, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 7/17/12 Edition

Less than a week to go and I can finally get back to normal and stop neglecting this blog.

To see how the ratings for these 10 shows stack up to other shows, check out the the full list at Bourgy (I'll take requests to add shows here or there but just know I avoid kid shows, daytime shows, Saturday shows and shows that air after 11pm unless they are popular or I have some kind of personal interest in the numbers. I do however take requests for shows that air in the UK)

1. Big Brother (Thursday: 7.18 million 2.6; Sunday: 6.21 million 2.3)- CBS has a notoriously thin slate of summer shows but that’s because a lot of their regular season shows repeat well. This isn’t the greatest open for the show but it is still decent.

2. Breaking Bad (2.931 million 1.5)- This is a very good start to this show. There were some fears that the Dish Network dispute (Totally different from the DirecTV/Viacom spat) would suppress ratings but this wasn’t the case at all.

3. Real Housewives of New Jersey (2.642 million 1.2)- Sometimes it sucks to be #2 but here wouldn’t be one of those times as it continues to show week after week that Bravo can depend on its strong ratings and its stability.

4. Longmire (4.452 million 0.8)- Not that it matters too much (because it’s been renewed) but that 0.8 demo looks so much better than the 0.5’s that it has been pulling. That has been the real story because the viewer numbers remain impressive.

5. Pretty Little Liars (2.380 million 0.9)- For some reason this show’s ratings always bore the hell out of me. I’m not sure if it’s because they are mostly the same every week or if it’s just because all the other ABC Family shows get more attention for lower ratings but it’s something.

6. Mrs. Eastwood & Company (1.195 million 0.6)- Keeping Up With the Kardashians keeps growing and this remains the same. If the ratings were a little higher this wouldn’t be an issue but because they aren’t E! is going to have to think this over and it will probably take some time because this is on the fence.

7. Teen Mom (2.079 million 1.2)- This show is now a shell of its former self but that doesn’t help MTV seeing as they have already committed themselves to 2 other versions of this show. Maybe the girls on this version have simply run their course or maybe MTV is just stuck in an unshakable rut.

8. Single Ladies (1.933 million 1.0)- This dropped 565,000 viewers and about 0.3 points in the demo from last week but this can be blamed on DirecTV. Though Love & Hip Hop Atlanta suffered a more menacing blow (down 708,000 viewers and 0.4 demo points from last week), this still doesn’t hurt either show’s chances of getting renewed .

9. Mob Wives: Chicago (575,000 0.3)- This is one of the few Viacom shows that actually showed a noticeable increase from last week but this is not a season high and these numbers are still bad so not much has really changed as this show is still pretty much dead.

10. The Glee Project (507,000 0.1)- The demo for this show is atrocious and the growth in viewers seems to have stalled. With 5 episodes to go, time is starting to run out on this show and the ratings need to start growing again.


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