Friday, December 28, 2012

Five For Friday 37

Something doesn't seem right about ending the year on a Monday. It's like a sign that like the rest of the week, the new year will be backwards as hell (I'm not ready for that).

1. How is it that the coach of the Brooklyn Nets just got fired yet guys who suck year in and year out keep their jobs and only get fired because people start giving the organization the side-eye (firing a .500 coach though? Who thought the Nets were going to be elite this season?)

2. On that note if 2 out of these 3 NFL coaches (Rex Ryan, Andy Reid or Norv Turner) still have jobs (Jobs in the NFL as coaches which isn't limited to the teams they are with currently) when the draft rolls around then fans of those franchises need to realize that their team is just going to stay losing (The Bears need to fire their offensive line coach too. They’ve been trash for way too long and stop drafting WR’s, RB’s and CB’s while you’re at it).

3. I am highly offended by Oxygen picking up that All My Babies’ Mamas special and then trying to spin it as if it is some insightful and lighthearted program when it really gives irresponsibility, denial, classlessness and unadulterated ratchetness an undeserved platform (I hope that flops and they deserve all the bad ratings that will come to them next year just for that mess).

4. The end of the year is just so damn boring. Everything goes completely dead after Christmas which would be a good thing except somehow I’m always busy then and spending hours doing stuff that could have been done faster if things were going normally.

5. I’m judging Chad Ochocinco…not for making a sextape because that’s not beneath him. I’m not even judging him for making a sextape with a booty model because that’s not beneath him either. I’m judging him for making a sextape that’s like R rated at best (really it was something between PG-13 and R because HBO shows more than that) and then crying about it. I can name 5 things that dude should be more ashamed of that he takes credit for (3 of them include his time spent on VH1).


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