Thursday, December 27, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 12/27/12 Edition

So here's the last post of this for the year. I almost didn't feel like doing it but I ended up with 10 shows so up it goes. [Full List Here]

1. Jersey Shore (Finale: 3.129 million 1.8; Reunion 2.50 million 1.5)- The reunions never do particularly well so there’s no surprise about that but that finale is pretty low for Jersey Shore. The people have moved on and it was the right time to go.

2. The Voice (14.13 million 4.9)- 2012 has been a rough year for these music competition shows (as it should have been because there are way too many) but this one was the one that didn’t get hurt by all the viewer fatigue. Let’s see how people feel in March when NBC premieres what would be the 4th season of this show in who knows how many months.

3. The X Factor (Wednesday: 8.35 million 2.7; Thursday: 9.66 million 3.1)- Yea get ready for some more big changes for season 3 because this here is unacceptable and FOX knows it. It’s bad enough to already not meet expectations but when a show like this doesn’t meet expectations and does worse than last season then you know heads are going to have to roll.

4. The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons (1.005 million 0.6)- Nobody really cared about this season and the ratings showed that. It seems like for every 1-2 bad seasons, MTV always lucks up and gets a good season and that’s why the show keeps going (same with Real World honestly).

5. Project Runway All Stars (1.541 million 0.5)- Odd that this would rise a little bit on the Thursday before Christmas. There was weaker competition but really only on the broadcast front. The cable shows that hadn't already ended didn't take the day off.

6. VH1’s 40 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of the 90’s (Part 1: 481,000 0.2; Part 2 561,000 0.3)- Can’t be mad at this really. It’s an end of the year thrown together music special. They will rerun it 600 times over the next 5 months anyway so it serves its purpose as a space filler.

7. Chicago Fire (6.75 million 1.9)- No competition serves this show well. Too bad it can’t have that all of the time. Still NBC is in such bad shape that this isn’t really a problem show for them.

8. Real Housewives of Miami (1.249 million 0.6)- Bravo would be idiotic to bring this back (and yet I know there are a few people out there who truly believe this will be renewed. Don't know why though. Season 1 had only 7 episodes to disappoint. This had double that and the only 2 episodes that didn't have suck numbers were the 2 that they stuck behind RHOA. Why bring it back when they canceled RHODC with better numbers, none of the other Real Housewives shows are on their last legs and Kim Z's show did better than this when she is supposedly disliked)

9. Beyond Scared Straight (1.961 million 0.8)- I had no idea this was even back on but apparently people have no problem finding it when it is on.

10. Real Housewives of Atlanta (3.166 million 1.8)- Maybe you’ve heard or maybe you haven’t but starting January 6th, the show is moving to 8pm (a move that I can describe in 1 or 2 ways….it’s either moving to kill Mob Wives or to avoid The Walking Dead because the ratings were weak as well for the weeks it aired against it. My vote is for #2 personally).


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