Friday, December 7, 2012

Five For Friday 34


I can't believe yet another Friday snuck up on me. I've got to do a better job of keeping track of these days.

1. How come people want to start unnecessary things early? I’m already not ready for Christmas nor will I be but to have to be subjected to these stupid “Best/Worst/Whatever of 2012” lists too? Calm down people really. Just admit the year sucked and stop thinking about it.

2. Why is Norv Turner still the coach for the San Diego Chargers? I do not understand. He used to just get away with the team sucking until mid-November. Now they suck all season long and it’s apparent that last season wasn’t just a bad season. I’ll be right there with Chargers fans asking why if he doesn’t get fired (although it would be very sad if he did get fired only to be replaced with Andy Reid).

3. So apparently all it took was 3 weeks for the fools in Washington to all decide that since the election is now over and it’s a very long time until 2014 that they could just retreat back in their corners and go back to pointing the fingers at each other again (And they wonder why people don’t trust them).

4. If you know someone who wants to model (especially urban modeling), tell them to aim higher…preferably towards something that can at least pay a couple of bills every month (I say this because most of these chicks try to have their own sites and without fail 90% of them either never launch or go down in 6 months and then they are stuck on Twitter and Instagram because most of the places that take pictures don't pay these girls. They just tell them that taking a million pics for free will get them more exposure when really they are just getting exposed to the same places who don't pay any money).

5. Is it me or does Ocho look and sound like a crackhead in that video up top? (He really does. Just fidgety and on-edge though I heard these guys were very hard on him during the full interview).


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