Friday, January 18, 2013

Five For Friday 40

I have absolutely nothing profound to say today so I will just leave my thoughts here so I can go back in lurk mode for the weekend.

1. The Atlanta Falcons are suspect. Highly suspect (They got lucky only playing 1 good half and the 31 seconds at the end).

2. A college football player got duped on the internet and it’s front page news….why? (Just take the L and move on).

3. The NBA All-Star Weekend is one big popularity contest where everything sucks and the guys mail the whole weekend in to go party with busted strippers and groupies. I hope you all know this by now.

4. Why is it that all the things in your house always break down at the same time? Can’t it be where one thing breaks every 3-4 months?

5. This new guy who they hired to coach the Bears (his name will continue to evade me for at least the next 7 months)….um I don’t know how to say this tactfully but his introductory press conference was awkward. Very awkward. He and the GM have some kind of bromance thing going on really bad (and they fired Lovie Smith for this…yea I was hoping the 1985 Super Bowl Shuffle would die. They just re-upped that for another 5 seasons).


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