Friday, November 9, 2012

Five For Friday 30

I was just about to post this too and it just so happened that I was able to get a nice picture that fits too.

1. What Election Day teaches us is at the end of the night half of the people are going to feel like the other half of the electorate is stupid regardless of if their candidate wins or loses

2. Changing the clocks doesn’t actually bother me. What does bother me is that now the sun is beginning to set at 5:00 and that is quite depressing to be honest (What's even more depressing is that it hasn't been sunny since like Saturday).

3. All of these retailers can try as hard as they want to get people to show up on Black Friday…I won’t be among them. I don’t believe in Black Friday unless the definition of it is to keep my finances in the black by not spending one cent on anything for the whole entire day (Something I’m committed to since I’ll be good and grumpy on Thanksgiving).

4. I hear the Lakers are getting off to a sucky start this year. As much as I want to laugh, basketball is not as short as a football season so if a team starts like 1-4 then I can’t say it means much to me. Now if they still suck by Christmas then best believe I will laugh until I cry (Ok I have to add this in. I wrote this last night before the Lakers fired Mike Brown. All I have to say is damn son…fire the dude and y’all only 1-4? This has officially made me laugh).

5. For those who remember that I am a Bulls fan and say I have no reason to laugh at the Lakers just know that I was aware of those seasons where the Bulls mailed it in until January and then decided they wanted to try to get a playoff spot (They don’t look to be doing it now but they also haven’t started their Circus Trip yet either).


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