Wednesday, November 28, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 11/28/12 Edition

Not really a fan of having to do these things on Wednesdays but at least it's still pretty early so that helps too. [Full List Here]

1. Glee (4.62 million 1.5)- I am not sure what compelled FOX to air this on Thanksgiving. Note to networks…unless you have sports on nothing will get watched on the holiday and the day before the holiday.

2. The Mindy Project (2.64 million 1.3)- Too bad this wasn’t like Glee and doesn’t have the holiday to blame for its low ratings. These right here are bad (Still can’t believe broadcast networks are letting numbers like these slide).

3. Basketball Wives LA (1.933 million 1.0)- This show seems to never ever end. VH1 is determined to stretch this out for the rest of the year pretty much and there really is no reason why that should be the case.

4. American Horror Story: Asylum (2.378 million 0.9)- Considering this aired the day before Thanksgiving its not down as much as it could have been so it should bounce back tonight.

5. Keyshia & Daniel: Family First (1.317 million 0.7)- I am a little surprised with how this show is doing. It’s not doing bad at all. I wouldn’t call it a smash hit or anything but at this point I really would not be surprised if BET went ahead and ordered another season. It’s been a while since they haven’t had an instant flop reality show.

6. Revenge (6.92 million 2.2)- ABC needs to be a little worried about this number. They don’t need to be worried because this particular number is bad (because it isn’t). They need to be worried because as it stands, the conditions are ripe for a midseason collapse knowing that the most brutal part of their Sunday schedule is still yet to come and this show may not be strong enough to sustain it (especially if Nashville and Scandal continue to hover in the same general area without any ratings drops).

7. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2.352 million 1.1)- This is not the first time this show has beaten Real Housewives of Atlanta. I’m fairly sure of that. I don’t believe it has ever beaten Real Housewives of Atlanta this early in the season though considering both have aired the same number of episodes to this point.

8. Homeland (2.015 million 0.8)- I suppose the season is ending soon but I’m not sure when. If it’s next week I’ll just put it back on the list but anyway this show has really come into its own. Every week it inches closer and closer to Dexter and seems to get very little fanfare for it (mostly because The Walking Dead continues to suck up all the Sunday scripted cable show headlines).

9. Real Housewives of Atlanta (2.251 million 1.2)- At first I was just going to say it’s early in the season and the ratings do tend to slide before improving. However then it got beat by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and now you start to question the fatigue factor. I’m not implying that this show is in any danger but if these numbers don’t get back to where they were then Bravo will truly have a reason to let that revolving door of castmembers to keep spinning.

10. Ice Loves Coco (566,000 0.3)- Every week things look less and less hopeful for this show. Three seasons is a good run for sure because every week I find it harder to believe that E! will find a good reason to do a 4th season.


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