Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Ratings Blurbs 9/11/12 Edition

These shows are starting to go through another huge transition period as the summer shows end and the fall shows begin. That means the ratings will be generally higher but the stakes will be higher too.

[Full List Here]

1. Drop Dead Diva (2.763 million 0.9)- This is quite a nice finish for this show. Lifetime has been silent on this show’s future but they have also been quiet on Army Wives as well so they may hold off an announcement until that show ends.

2. The Voice (12.28 million 4.2)- There are some people who think this is a good premiere. There are also some people who think these premiere numbers suck. I think these are good numbers but I also think NBC is burning out one of the few bright spots in their lineup (NBC is in such bad shape that they would air 36 weeks of NFL if they could). I’m going to wait and see what happens with this (and in the meantime my DWTS vs. The Voice posts will return in 2 weeks but I’ll write something up on Thursday or Friday so check the Triond widget in my sidebar for that).

3. Basketball Wives LA 2 (1.819 million 1.0)- If you think about how well Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta did last week then you would think these numbers are awful but this is actually right about even (or up 7,000 viewers if you want to get technical) with last season’s premiere so it’s not looking bad just yet.

4. Hell’s Kitchen (6.27 million 2.5)- To at least hold its average against increased competition is very good. Now it will go away until next season and fans will probably be ready for it to return since FOX does a good job of not burning this show out.

5. Masterchef (6.52 million 2.6)- Like Hell’s Kitchen this was a decent end to this show and not much more needs to be said about that.

6. America’s Next Top Model (1.47 million 0.6)- Granted this was up against the Stand Up To Cancer special but an increase is an increase and these numbers don’t look so shameful this week. The CW hopes this show can keep it up.

7. Bachelor Pad (4.52 million 1.3)- Even as cheap, late summer reality fare, these ratings sucked. However this show did better than every reality show ABC has aired this summer with the exception of Wipeout and The Bachelorette. It doesn’t deserve a season 4 but this show didn’t deserve seasons 2 and 3 either and we saw what happened with that.

8. Hard Knocks (643,000 0.5)- This kinda sucks a little bit but not immensely so. I think this has more to do with nobody really caring about the Miami Dolphins like that (and absolutely nothing to do with Chad Johnson). Hopefully next year HBO gets to feature a better team.

9. 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (6.134 million 2.8)- Mistake #1: Messing with a formula that was not broken by airing this on Thursday. Mistake #2: Not using this as a means to sample something else when MTV’s ratings have been borderline poor of late outside of 3 shows.

10. The New Normal (6.88 million 2.5)- These are ok. Not stellar, not a flop but just ok. Surely NBC is waiting with baited breath to see how tonight’s episode does without The Voice as a lead-in (The show Go On will air a new episode after The Voice and before The New Normal).


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