Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Ratings Blurbs 2/5/13 Edition

I've talked myself out of writing a real introduction for this post. I'll let what I wrote 6 hours ago speak for itself [Full Post Here].

1. Super Bowl XLVII (108.69 million 39.7)- Not every year can set a record but for a matchup the NFL would have preferred not to have this is still great and they (plus CBS) will be satisfied with it (But you better believe they are going to want either the Giants and/or the Patriots in next year’s game).

2. Bad Girls Club: Atlanta (1.136 million 0.5)- This is low. Oxygen knows its low too especially because they are trying to launch a very overhyped show out of this next week (The Face with a preview airing tonight) when they know they most shows they launch have awful retention from Bad Girls Club. They better right the ship with this show quickly or they will be looking at a high profile flop.

3. Teen Mom 2 (3.371 million 2.0)- MTV is really determined to go with the hot hand because it’s ridiculous to have a finale one night, the reunion the next week and then a premiere for a new season the following week (Of course this means they are just going to push Teen Mom 3 back even further).

4. Tiny Tonight (1.235 million 0.7)- This didn’t look all that great when they aired it in December and it looks to have pulled generally the same audience now. I’m not seeing what the point of these specials are to be honest.

5. Arrow (2.97 million 0.9)- The CW is beginning to tighten up quite a bit (outside of 90210 and Nikita and both shows have interesting circumstances around them). While this may not necessarily affect Arrow (other than the possibility of not being the hit show The CW hoped it would be) it could help make things extremely messy when it’s time to figure out what stays and what goes.

6. Black Ink Crew (1.834 million 1.1)- I’m not 100% convinced that this show has found its footing since the ratings keep fluctuating. It’s compatible enough with Love & Hip Hop and doesn’t really seem all that dependent on the show either. Despite that, the show is doing quite well and isn’t giving VH1 cause for concern.

7. Elementary (Thursday: 10.90 million 2.2; Sunday: 20.8 million 7.8)- When you look at the total viewers from Thursday to Sunday you would think the show sucks to have only doubled its audience out of a 108 million viewer lead-in. The demo from Thursday to Sunday is much more impressive but going by CBS’s ratings from last night, it would be a stretch to think that this show will get much of a boost going forward.

8. Washington Heights (673,000 0.3)- This show is not in good shape. It’s not that its ratings are exceptionally terrible, it’s really more that every other show now airing on MTV either already has been or is in really good position to be renewed and this show lags quite far behind all of them.

9. Starter Wives Confidential (678,000 0.3)- This show did not have much going for it to help it do well so I’m not surprised that it began in borderline flop range. The numbers absolutely have to improve because there is no room for any declines and TLC is not as forgiving as other networks about shows that don’t perform well.

10. Chicago Fire (7.31 million 2.1)- Without The Voice or NFL Football this winter NBC has shown its true colors and they say that without those 2 programs their network is still absolute trash that nobody wants to watch. Chicago Fire bucks that trend. While other shows during the fall had inflated ratings this show lurked in the shadow of uncertain mediocrity. Now that the props are gone, this show has had its time to shine and no doubt it is looking better for renewal every week.


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