Wednesday, December 31, 2014

VH1 2014 Season Average List

I’ve done this for quite a few years now because I think it is an interesting way to see how these shows stack up to each other. I have to say the only surprise in this is that though it didn’t seem like it, fewer shows aired this year than last year. There are quite a few currently airing shows on this list so I may update this post regularly until the last show ends. Last year’s list is fully updated just in case you wanted to make year-to-year comparisons [Updated 1/18/15].

A. These numbers do not include previews, specials, supertrailers or re-runs. Only first-run episodes are included even if the episodes aired out of their regular timeslot.

B. Shows with one asterisk are either currently airing shows or shows with missing information. Shows with 2 asterisks are shows that aired more than 2 episodes at or after 11pm.

C. Currently airing shows are notated in green while shows that have been officially renewed (as in indicated by a press release or an announcement of the next season premiere) are notated in blue.

D. Though Black Ink Crew aired original episodes in 2014, the show never premiered an official season this year so the numbers from the episodes that aired this year are calculated in the season 2 average which can be found in last year's post.

1. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta 3 (3.558 million)- This was the highest rated season of the series and the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise so it will be back next year. It’s also the highest rated series VH1 has aired since 2008 so they can hang their hats on that because to be honest I don’t believe the rest of the shows on this list have panned out quite the way VH1 would have wanted them to.

2. Love & Hip Hop 5 (2.459 million *4 episodes)- This is just 2 episodes in at the time of this post so the numbers will continue to fluctuate but I don’t anticipate this show really falling out of the top 5 (or the top 3 to be honest). So far this show is trending below last season and if it stays that way it won’t be uncommon for this particular show as it has shown it can have good and bad seasons. The high cast turnover is the likely contributing factor as it appears this show goes through castmembers much faster than the other shows of this type.

3. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.428 million)- This show is second (as of 12/31/14) but it may not stay that way with Love & Hip Hop (the New York one) having so many episodes still left to air. I believe VH1 wanted a little more out of this show as they did with just about all the shows rounding out the top 5 but that’s something they are going to have to try harder with next year because I imagine they are getting a little tired of looking at their other “top” shows knowing they can’t compare any of them to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

4. Hit the Floor 2 (2.258 million)- It’s a little bit of a shame that this is the only show in the top 5 that has been officially renewed by VH1 (I expect at least 3 the other 4 shows to be renewed and those renewals will become official either when they issue a press release announcing the renewal or a press release announcing the premiere date for the next season). This show did deserve the renewal but it also spent the entire season behind Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta which means this show probably should have done a better job with retaining more of that audience.

5. Basketball Wives: LA 3 (2.055 million)- This show has always lagged behind Love & Hip Hop and as you can see this show trailed behind all three versions this year. Still rumblings of a fourth season are very strong and that means it will probably show up in February or March and I guess VH1 will be trying to stick it with some shows that can attract their own viewers to make up for the lower numbers.

6. Single Ladies 3 (2.004 million)- This still stands as one of the most shocking and head-scratching decisions to come from VH1 this year because this show absolutely didn’t deserve to get canceled. I’m still of the belief that it was purely a financial decision where VH1 really didn’t want to pay to produce 3 scripted shows but you have to wonder at what cost when you keep going down the rest of this list and see how low these numbers continue to get. As the fans of this show should know, the show will live on, just not on VH1.

7. K. Michelle: My Life (1.909 million)- When VH1 announced this in the huge wave of shows they picked up earlier this year I had this show pegged as one with the best chance of getting renewed and out of that crop of shows it is. I really want to say that this show is certain to be renewed but VH1 has been so mum on renewals this year that the silence is becoming deafening and a little hard to ignore.

8. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle 4 (1.773 million)- Somehow VH1 managed to stretch this show out for an entire year. While it may not be the oldest show on the network I am willing to bet that it is the one with the most episodes produced because this show has sustained some enormous season orders. The same scenario could be done next year though it is my belief that they need to ease away from having so many episodes because Mondays are crowded enough already and this show can only be useful if VH1 believes that another Monday show would waste the 8pm lead-in.

9. Atlanta Exes (1.727 million)- I don’t think this is really a case of a spinoff decisively performing better than the original show because viewers prefer the spinoff more. I think this is a case that if this show and Hollywood Exes both aired on the same night with the same amount of lead-in support (whether it amounts to some or none) both shows would have similar ratings. In this position this show does deserve a renewal just as I believe Hollywood Exes deserves a renewal based on its performance where it aired but I’m not going to be a person that says one show had a better year than the other because the numbers say so.

10. Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip (1.408 million)- This is what a Monday bubble show looks like. Personally I believe the ratings are slightly below what would earn the show a comfortable renewal. On a crowded Monday night with no real incentive to renew it, the possibility of this having only one season is high enough to take under serious consideration. I feel that the show’s ties to Family Hustle may be what gives VH1 a little bit of pause before closing the door on this show completely.

11. This Is Hot 97 (1.040 million)- If you want to know what a Monday show that has absolutely no chance of getting renewed looks like then look no further than here. The standards for Mondays are higher mostly because the competition is so stiff. This show had a few episodes were the numbers were actually under a million viewers and that’s just unacceptable for Mondays considering every other show above this one (with the exception of Single Ladies and most likely Sorority Sisters) either has been renewed, will be renewed or still has a very good chance of being renewed and all of those shows aired on Monday.

12. Hollywood Exes 3 (1.002 million)- Like last season, VH1 is being super quiet with this show. These numbers certainly call for a renewal as long as the show doesn’t air on Mondays (It aired on Wednesdays this year). I don’t know if VH1 wants to go through the embarrassment of canceling this show and Atlanta Exes when neither show classifies as a hit or a flop so it’s possible that they stomach through at least 1 more season of this show.

13. Mob Wives 5 (975,000 *5 episodes)- This show has always been expected to be in a class of its own and it has been over the last 5 seasons. It is consistently the highest rated show that doesn’t air on Mondays and VH1 continues to want to take advantage of that. The problem is franchise expansion hasn’t worked and placing new shows behind this one hasn’t worked as well. That doesn’t mean they won’t stop in 2015 but 3 episodes is far too soon for me to determine if this show will see a sixth season given that shows on VH1 tend to disappear after the fifth season. A few shows are making the argument to change that trend and this is one of those shows.

14. Sorority Sisters (968,000 **6 episodes)- This show crept in at the last minute with no promotion and absolutely no support from VH1 at all and this is the result so far through 2 episodes. Though there have been calls to cancel the show, I can’t see that happening immediately. The numbers aren’t terrible enough to warrant immediate cancellation especially when all of their Tuesday and Wednesday shows have lower numbers but they are low enough to diminish the likelihood of a second season because these numbers are not good enough to remain on Monday nights.

15. Marrying The Game 3 (899,000)- Though these numbers are good for Wednesday and I'm sure the people at VH1 wished they had more shows that could pull these numbers now I have to believe they rushed this season because the season 2 numbers called for a renewal but some events occurring off the show derailed any plans for the show to reasonably continue without calls of it being obviously fake. This was a situation where VH1 probably already ordered extra episodes of the show and they had no way of rescinding the order so they burned through them and I don’t expect to see a season 4.

16. Couples Therapy 4 (826,000)- These numbers were high because it had some sort of weird compatibility with Mob Wives (season 4) despite airing before the show and not after. I say this because the episodes that aired before Mob Wives had very respectable numbers and then when Mob Wives ended then this show slumped back to familiar ratings territory. This was the highest rated season of the series so of course it got renewed but season 5 is on this list too and that means I have to reserve thoughts about the future of the show when I get to that season.

17. La La’s Full Court Life 5 (790,000)- This show has lived in bubble land for the last 3 seasons now. Does it get renewed? I don’t know. Does LaLa have some kind of insider deal with VH1? I wish I knew. I’ve been on the fence with this show for a very long time and I’m not about to get off of it now so if it comes back next year I won’t be surprised and if this is finally the end then I still won’t be surprised.

18. Couples Therapy 5 (653,000)- This show is in a most uncomfortable predicament. It is a show that has already concluded its fifth season and it is a show that has regressed from the previous season. History indicates that renewal may not be on its side because of its age but the ratings indicate that it deserves renewal because VH1 has accepted far worse from this show in the past. Personally I think a sixth season comes down to whether they can find the people to do the show and since they are dead-set on barring most of their own in-house talent to fill the roster, casting will determine whether this show lives or dies.

19. Dating Naked (652,000)- The first 3 episodes of this show and episode 3 in particular should be highlighted as to why this show got renewed. The numbers dropped sharply after episode 3 but by that point VH1 already felt as if they had something to work with. VH1 revealed a very ambitious slate of new shows earlier this year and renewals for existing shows were scarce (as they continue to be). I had a feeling that this was going to be one of the shows that got a face saving renewal no matter what but at least the numbers aren’t too far off from what past trends have revealed for renewed shows that have never aired on Mondays.

20. Bye Felicia (527,000 *4 episodes)- This show is plummeting like a rock even though VH1 made the effort to get this show sampled for the first episode. The people saw it the first week and then they abandoned this show quickly. My understanding is this show has an order for 8 episodes. So far it is doing better than Suave Says and numbers for the third episode weren’t too far off from the second. That first episode is the reason why this average as it stands is so high and why it still has at least a minimal chance at renewal but as the weeks go on and the numbers continue to stall below 400,000 viewers we may be looking at a scenario where that first episode won’t be able to save this show (Not that I’m an advocate for it being saved).

21. Candidly Nicole (417,000)- For some reason there is always one show that earns a completely head-scratching, unjustified renewal and this is the show that fits the bill this year. It looked like a bad renewal back in summer and now that more shows have aired it still looks like a bad renewal even though the shows that have premiered since then (not including the Monday shows and Mob Wives) haven’t performed much better. I really don’t understand the logic behind this show returning.

22. Leann & Eddie (301,000)- No one can say that VH1 didn’t give this show the opportunity to do well because that’s not the case and that can’t be said for all of the shows on this list. This show received ample promotion and it was in a block that didn’t exactly crash and burn out the gate. This show did crash and burn out of the gate and since the 2 shows it aired with have long since received their renewals the door for a second season is definitely closed on this one.

24. I Heart Nick Carter- (284,000 **4 episodes)- If I recall correctly, only the last 2 episodes of this show aired at 11pm. Though I’m missing quite a bit of info for this show I don’t think the numbers I am missing would help this show’s case to get renewed. 4 episodes is an adequate sample to assess the fate of this show and it is not a good fate.

 23. Suave Says (239,000 *7 episodes)- I’m not quite sure why VH1 moved this show from Wednesdays to Tuesdays but I am sure that VH1 is just about ready to give up on this show. Its best chance to succeed was behind Mob Wives and it wasn’t doing anything with the support. Now with Bye Felicia as its lead-in the numbers really haven’t changed much which would be a good sign except that the numbers are very low already so there’s no reason to save the show or give it a better chance at survival (not that VH1 has an alternative option to help this show available).

25. Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project (167,000 **5 episodes)- I’m missing 3 episodes of this primarily because VH1 moved the show to 11pm. Of course as I’ve mentioned for years now, an 11pm move is a death sentence and its place on the list means you will not be seeing this show next year.

26. Soundclash (123,000)- This only aired 2 episodes and I have no idea how to describe it other than it was some concert mash-up show. Well it has the title of not only being the lowest rated series this year but it’s the lowest rated series over the last several years. I’ve been keeping track of these numbers for going on 5 years now and have not come across a worse performing show.