Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 12/9/14 Edition

This is a week of assessments. Almost every show on this list is a show where I have taken their individual situations into account as it pertains to their possible futures.

1. Mob Wives (1.161 million 0.6)- There is a possibility these numbers go lower than this over the course of the season but this has never been a huge show and the audience has always been pretty faithful. The numbers can go a bit lower than this before I sound the alarm on it.

2. K. Michelle: My Life (1.928 million 1.0)- I do think this show has done well enough to get another season and that may be a good thing because it can fit with any of the three Love & Hip Hop franchises and right now VH1 is looking emptier than usual at the 9pm hour with how silent they have been on the fates of shows that have aired in that timeslot this year.

3. Switched at Birth (1.399 million 0.6)- Specials really only have one job and that is to just do better than what a rerun would do. That’s what happened here and ABC Family is hoping for some of that same magic tonight.

4. Beyond Scared Straight (1.357 million 0.5)- This is about average for this show and for it to be a December premiere it’s not bad. A&E hasn’t been very kind to this show this year and that makes me want to believe that 2015 won’t be all that much better. For now this show will just be the steady, reliable show it has always been.

5. Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip (1.432 million 0.7)- Unlike K. Michelle’s show I’m really not quite sure this did enough to earn another season. I suppose it goes back to what I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. As it stands the show really hasn’t done anything to earn a renewal if the show will continue to air on Mondays. If VH1 needs a 30 minute show to pair up with something outside of Mondays then there is a possibility the show lives on.

6. Tamar & Vince (652,000 0.3)- wanted to see how this would do without that direct competition from ABC and it looks like this didn’t improve much at all. There aren’t too many excuses to go around here. The network is in better shape overall but there are still some holes so I won’t say it’s a dead show walking but there are some factors outside of ratings that would keep this show from comfortably getting a fourth season.

7. Revenge (4.60 million 1.2)- Earlier this year I believed this show was a dead show walking. It may very well still be a dead show walking but there is an opportunity for ABC to save this show. ABC doesn’t appear to have much faith in their midseason drama slate and their freshman outings outside of How to Get Away with Murder and Black-ish haven’t generated much interest either. Resurrection is going to have to be replaced and if the midseason show doesn’t do much ABC will always have the option to order another season of Revenge if they don’t want to have to fill 2 hours on Sundays. It is not a guarantee that this show will be saved but there is a chance and that chance will either improve or dim according to how the midseason replacements perform.

8. America’s Next Top Model (1.16 million 0.4)- The CW seems to be fine with the formula this show now follows. An August-December season seems to work out for them because it fills a space on Fridays that prevents them from having to air reruns or order a full season of a show that would likely air its final season. I’m still not convinced it is a great strategy but it is one they have chosen to follow and they will probably continue to follow it until they find something better than isn’t airing Whose Line is it Anyway all year long.

9. Suave Says (355,000 0.2)- I’m not surprised this didn’t do well. In the entire 5 season history of Mob Wives there has never been one show to perform well when placed behind the show (Couples Therapy doesn’t count because it aired before the last season of Mob Wives not after). This show doesn’t have much of a chance and the fact that this will be gone in a month makes me think this is a burnoff of sorts to allow VH1 to promote Hindsight.

10. Resurrection (3.98 million 1.0)- I brought this up a couple weeks ago and nothing has changed. This is still a dead show walking. When it returns (presumably next month but I can’t remember) it will be airing the final few episodes of its order. Nothing will be able to save this show when there are a couple of other shows with far more episodes under their belts making the same case for renewal.