Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 12/16/14 Edition

There were actually about 4-5 more shows that I could have included on this list which is a shame because in a couple of weeks I know I'm going to struggle with finding 10 shows to put on this list if I bother to do one.

1. Sons of Anarchy (6.393 million 3.3)- This show leaves on a series high and goes down in what is pretty much the most successful show in FX history. They are going to miss this show because they weren’t in great shape when this show broke out and they won’t be in great shape next year with a roster full of rookies and streaky shows.

2. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.072 million 1.1)- This isn’t bad for a reunion airing on a Tuesday night against an unreal amount of competition for the night. VH1 wanted to get this off the air thinking that the New York version would deliver better numbers and as you will see a couple of shows down the reward wasn’t as big as they were probably hoping for.

3. The Flash (4.66 million 1.5)- It appears the crossover episode from a couple weeks ago got these numbers to end on a fairly strong note for the fall. Even if the numbers dip again when it returns there is absolutely no way this show lands in danger. These numbers are just a nice sign that crossover specials with this show and Arrow are helpful and they can be used in certain instances again in the future.

4. Love & Hip Hop (2.488 million 1.4)- These numbers are down from last season but what’s new here. This is an up and down show because VH1 can’t decide to stick with generally the same cast for more than 2 seasons. This may be a down season compared to last year but the numbers at this moment aren’t troubling because they aren’t very different from basically every other 8pm show not known as Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

5. Pretty Little Liars (2.085 million 0.9)- So basically ABC Family passed on the Halloween special format they had been doing and exercised the option for a Christmas Special. With this information in hand it was a pretty good decision and the wait for the first week of January doesn’t seem as long as it would have had they aired the holiday themed regular episode in October.

6. Bad Girls Club: Redemption (681,000 0.3)- I’m aware that this one of the lowest rated finales in franchise history (I have no official record of any season 1 numbers and the numbers from seasons 2 and 3 indicate their finales were higher rated than this one). I’m going to believe that this really just ran into the buzz saw that was Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airing at the same time last Tuesday and this show just lost viewers it couldn’t afford to lose. It really does appear as if this show will end the season averaging under a million viewers because I don’t think the reunion shows will be able to make up the 54k viewer difference needed to hit that mark.

7. Supernatural (2.62 million 1.0)- The CW has some decisions to make here. They have 3 scripted shows (including 2 rookies) with no clearly defined spots to air in. It is assumed that there will be no moves made with Arrow, The Flash or The Vampire Diaries and that leaves some people to wonder if Supernatural will end up moving to make room for one of those shows. The case for moving comes because this show is doing well in its 10th season and it is behind the highest rated show on the network. If The CW wants to give one of those rookies a chance then it would seem prudent to try to give it the best chance of success. My wonder is if The CW really believes that they have a show worth nurturing still yet to premiere on their roster. If the answer is yes then Supernatural moves (likely to Mondays but Thursday behind The Vampire Diaries may be an option). If the answer is no then this show stands pat and we will just end up looking at a scenario where 6 shows are fighting for 1-3 potentially open spots for next season.

8. Bye Felicia (1.065 million 0.6)- I can see this show basically being another Dating Naked where this one Love & Hip Hop boosted episode ends up being the highest rated episode of the season while also keeping the season average high enough to justify a pity renewal. VH1 has premiered 26 shows this year and as of this writing only 4 have been renewed (I do expect that total to rise dramatically because VH1 has only officially renewed 1 Monday show to date and I expect a vast majority of those shows to return). VH1’s December dump seems suspicious and I believe it is because there were a couple of horrendous decisions made this year along with the fact that they have made no strides in closing the viewer gap between their Monday shows and everything else.

9. Sorority Sisters (1.349 million 0.7)- These numbers are not promising for a show that received little promotion and a strong wave of backlash. These numbers are below what I would consider to be safe for a Monday show but at the present moment they aren’t low enough to warrant a move to 11pm. If the numbers slip further over the next couple of weeks it will be enough to move but for now it probably will stay put.

10. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (5.29 million 1.7)- So this is going on a fairly extended break because ABC already had Marvel’s Agent Carter set to debut in January. I don’t see that show coming in as strong as this show did at the beginning of last season but if the numbers to that show are roughly equal to what this show is getting now and stay that way throughout the 6 week run I don’t think I see a scenario where ABC cancels it given their lack of success on Tuesday nights over the last few seasons.