Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 12/3/14 Edition

I should give fair warning now that since it's December there are going to be a lot of repeating shows on this list this month and there may be a week towards the end of the month where I take a week off. I think I usually take the week between Christmas and New Year's off but we'll see what happens.

1. The Walking Dead (14.807 million 7.6)-Well it’s evident this show can’t be stopped. No matter the level of competition the viewers continue to make this show a priority over all others and I’m sure several other network executives are jealous of that.

2. The Voice (Monday: 11.28 million 2.8; Tuesday: 9.37 million 2.3)- Let me clarify that the Tuesday episode is from last week and not last night. This season has been pretty much the weakest one on record. I’m not sure anyone is mentioning it but viewer fatigue may be catching up with this show. 7 seasons in about 4 years is a lot and the show will return in February. NBC is not yet in the position to reduce even one season of this show so I’m sure they will be looking at the numbers for the last few episodes and the spring season of this show to see what they need to do to preserve the show.

3. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.554 million 1.5)- Though it is December and this show is currently the second highest rated show of the year on VH1 there is a chance this may slide to #3. This show had a good first season. It was good but at times it looked as if it had a ratings ceiling it just couldn’t break through. If Love & Hip Hop (the New York one) comes back with equal ratings to last season that show will be #2. If that show has another down season (as with seasons 1 and 3) then there will be a chance this show gets to keep its #2 ranking. Either way it is not in jeopardy to return for a second season.

4. Dancing with the Stars (15.98 million 3.0)- This put together a fairly strong season. As I mentioned a few weeks ago the cast wasn’t notable and it is fall so there were factors working against it to make it a decent season but hopefully ABC learns the lesson that there’s no value in stunt casting. The viewers of this show just want a lighthearted ensemble of people who just want to dance without being divas about it.

5. Elementary (6.11 million 1.2)- This is up from last week and the sad thing is since this aired on Thanksgiving CBS has more than likely designated this episode as a special since they anticipate sharply lower ratings for all their shows on the night (their other shows did have lower ratings but not as dramatic as in years past).

6. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (Episode 21: 612,000 0.3; Finale: 685,000 0.4)- Now this is tricky. Last Monday VH1 put out a press release tagging this as a Thanksgiving special. What they didn’t mention was that only one of the episodes (the first one) was a Thanksgiving themed episode. The second one was a regular one and both episodes also coincidentally complete the last 2 episodes of this 22 episode order for this season. That’s why I have labeled them as such.

7. Awkward (1.038 million 0.5)- MTV shouldn’t expect much next year when this show returns to begin its final season and I would hope that is their mindset. They wanted to get into the scripted show game and they had some trouble in the beginning. Now one of their highest rated shows is a scripted show (Teen Wolf) and they have this show to thank for that. It is my hope the final season gives the fans the type of ending they would enjoy seeing.

8. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (1.352 million 0.6)- I don’t usually like to repeat shows 2 weeks in a row but this is going to be the format for the next month as the holiday season really sets in and the pool of shows becomes smaller. So I picked this show because this took a really sharp drop from the previous episode (about 600k viewers) and that is an alarming drop. As Real Housewives of NYC has proven, these numbers aren’t enough for Bravo to throw in the towel but they are certainly low enough for them to consider making some changes so these numbers do need to improve a little bit.

9. Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip (1.253 million 0.6)- The finale is next week so there’s a good chance this ends up back on this list again but I feel like I have to say that these numbers aren’t going to cut it for Monday. The show shouldn’t end the season with lower numbers than This Is Hot 97 but they aren’t going to be high enough to earn a comfortable Monday renewal either. If this show is somehow packaged with Family Hustle then there is a chance it returns but it won’t be on Mondays. I do want to see next week’s numbers just draw a firm conclusion.

10. Resurrection (3.66 million 0.9)- A lot of shows saw lower ratings over this last week and yes this is one of them. This show is also coming off of a 2 week break but ABC knows the end of this show is drawing near. This show doesn’t have very many episodes left in the season and they will have time in January to do some promotion for the replacement. This show is not coming back for a third season and it is a little stunning considering how hard it has collapsed since March (Yes we have to remember the first season premiered just a mere 9 months ago).