Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Ratings Blurbs 5/7/13 Edition

Seems like bad ratings can really throw a wrench in what I has originally planned to write for today [Full List Here].

1. The Americans (1.743 million 0.6)- Because this is FX and we all know they will tolerate some stinkers this isn’t bad. However they tend to demand a little more of their dramas than their comedies and this show is not a Sons of Anarchy or an American Horror Story. It’s not even on the same level as Justified so some decisions will be made on the direction in which this goes for season 2.

2. Hannibal (2.61 million 1.1)- This show started off doing ok for NBC but then the ratings fell off in a hurry and never gto better. Time may be up for NBC to make a decision for this show (if they decide on all of their shows before Friday) and this show is not on the good side of getting saved so next week could look very glum for this show.

3. Off Pitch (87,000 0.0)- In my 4+ years of keeping track of and researching VH1 ratings this is the lowest primetime number I have ever seen from them. To just say that these are unacceptable would mean that there were some sort of expectations for this show to do reasonably well and we all know there weren’t. What is unacceptable though is that not only does VH1 still plan to air another new episode at 10pm tomorrow and have it serve as a lead-in to a brand new show (Model Employee). Something has to change here. This show is begging to be canceled.

4. Don’t Be Tardy (724,000 0.4)- Bravo showed their hand last week when they decided they wanted to put energy into saving Kandi’s show over this one. Well that decision looks like a bad idea and this show is going to be by itself tonight. With the show already on the lowest level possible for renewal territory, the show is going to have to find some kind of magic to scrap for another season.

5. Scandal (8.07 million 2.6)- September feels like it was so long ago especially when it comes to this show. Back then the show hovered just under 7 million viewers and averaged a 2.0 demo and I wondered if it would spend the whole season basically riding the bubble line. Well that didn’t happen because after November the show got hot and while it appears to have hit its ceiling for this season, the show now looks poised to be among the top 2 or 3 ABC shows for next season (that is if ABC doesn’t get stupid and do what people spent 3 of the last 4 years crying for with Private Practice....which would be to move the show).

6. The Jenny McCarthy Show- 123,000 (0.0)- I’m surprised that not one but two VH1 primetime shows hit a 0.0 demo last week. Although I’ve only been posting the total viewers for this show here, I have seen the demo ratings and this is the first time that the show has hit that dreaded demo number (the show typically gets a 0.1 demo with some rare 0.2’s sprinkled in there). VH1’s strategy is to basically let everything fail while Monday saves the day but with 2 original programs hitting a 0.0 demo (something that wasn’t seen during their worst days in 2010) they can’t look to a good Monday to save that. They would need exceptional Mondays for that. There’s no point in having shows on 4 different nights if 3 of the 4 nights have shows that don’t get 400,000 viewers and you have a show on Monday that is sure to be canceled when it is pulling 1 million viewers.

7. The Show With Vinny (1.197 million 0.6)- I’m not all that surprised that this show came in with low numbers like this. The Jersey Shore train is long gone and Snooki & JWOWW only really have mediocre ratings. I can see this getting lower as time goes on.

8. Find Me My Man (452,000 0.2)- At this point you can’t even really say this is awful for Oxygen even behind BGC. I’m also of the mindset that Oxygen doesn’t really care and only hopes that that Bad Girls All Star Battle and season 11 of Bad Girls Club does well. If they don’t well then the whole year is basically shot for them and they will be forced to renew almost all of their shows because they aren’t in the imminent cancel range.

9. Nashville (5.27 million 1.7)- Nothing has really changed from the beginning of the season. ABC honestly had very high expectations for this show and it never really delivered. Word is that ABC really isn’t feeling too many of their new pilots and if that’s true then next year is going to be horrendous for them with this show being one of the leaders of that pack. Besides Scandal, their 2 true drama hits (Castle and Grey’s Anatomy) will both be at least 6 seasons old with the latter going into season 10. ABC should send a gift basket to NBC for taking all the attention away from their own poor, shaky ratings this season.

10. Revenge (6.28 million 1.8)- The problem with this show getting a 1.8 demo now is that this how is at the end of season 2 with a season 3 renewal expected. Unless ABC’s overall ratings sink even further next year to the point where it can earn a justified season 4, ABC is going to have to put up with some awful numbers (like perhaps 1.4 demo range) this time next year and debating whether they should hold their noses in the hopes that someone on cable will buy the syndication rights to this show so that they can produce the necessary episodes to get there. Once Upon A Time is practically in the same boat too so you see why ABC might need NBC to keep failing into next year too.