Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paid Viewpoint Review

This is a review previously posted in 2012 that I have decided to update. The review will only go over as how the site currently operates (as of May 2013) and all changes and updates that I have made over the last year will be incorporated into this review.

What it is: Paid Viewpoint is another short survey site from the same people who run Instant Cash Sweepstakes. However the similarities are few and far between as Paid Viewpoint is a very different site. Paid Viewpoint is much more targeted in the sense that it is constructed like a typical survey site. The surveys are still short (less than 2 minutes) and you will get paid .10 for every survey no matter what.

The drawback to this is you will probably end up getting about 5-7 surveys per week (no more than 1 per day) and they do expire after the new one comes in so you can’t wait too long to take them either. Most of these daily surveys are just questions to make sure users are being honest with them because like Instant Cash Sweepstakes there is a TrustScore program with the site.

Periodically you will get something called a biz survey. Biz surveys are short but unlike the regular surveys, you get paid per question. The rates vary so it’s difficult to pinpoint how much each user can make but it is generally more than the regular surveys. Biz surveys are also only available for a few short hours so if you miss it there is no opportunity to get another one unless you get sent a different survey.

Who can join: Paid Viewpoint is more receptive to a wider range of users than Instant Cash Sweepstakes. For this site users have to be age 13 or older (as opposed to 18 and older for ICS) in order to create an account. Also users can apply from any country as long as they have access to a valid Paypal account.

What you need to apply: The only things you need to apply for Paid Viewpoint are an active e-mail address, a Paypal account and a phone number (The phone number is required to activate your account and cash out your earnings. This phone number cannot be shared with other users so it’s a good idea to use your personal cell phone number. From experience I have never been contacted from the site because I have not enabled text alerts for it).

Cost to sign up: Again there is absolutely no cost to sign up for Paid Viewpoint and all new users will receive $1 for creating an account.

How much you can make: Users cannot receive their earnings until their account reaches $15. This does seem a little high of a threshold (especially if you don't receive biz surveys very often) but because you do receive a survey to take nearly every day it doesn’t seem like it will take forever to reach the payout.

Ways to make the payout faster: There is one way to make the $15 dollar payout a bit faster and that is through referrals. Paid Viewpoint's referral system pays 20% of all earnings that each of your referrals get from taking a biz survey. For example, if a referred member gets $2.00 for taking a biz survey, you will receive 20% (40 cents) of that as a referral commission. The money is then held in reserve until your referral cashes out their earnings. Only members who have referred more than 100 members to the site can opt to get their 20% earnings immediately after their referrals take the biz surveys. The total earnings members can receive for each of their referrals is $25 (Honestly it will take more than a year for a referral to max out even if they are a regular user of the site so this is more of a positive than anything).

Sign up to Paid Viewpoint here.