Tuesday, March 8, 2016

10 Ratings Blurbs: 3/8/16 Edition

There are several finales on this list this week, but it is also balanced out by a high number of premieres and returning shows.

1. Love & Hip Hop (2.261 million 1.2)- This is actually a season low for the finale and that slightly diminishes what was otherwise a fairly strong season for the show.

2. Duck Dynasty (1.735 million 0.6)-This seemed like a short season, but it was effective in telling A&E how viewers are feeling about the show. This season did 2 things successfully. It managed to maintain very respectable viewership levels and it managed to successfully launch the first full spinoff of the franchise. I do expect the show to return for a 10th season.

3. Bates Motel (1.546 million 0.7)- These numbers don’t scream impressive to me, but they don’t look underwhelming either. They are right at where I remember the show being last season. Also, keep in mind that the show is already renewed for next season.

4. Teen Mom OG (1.236 million 0.7)- I guess I’m under the impression that these specials are a little bit different than the typical reunion show format of most other reality shows. I don’t know if that’s the case because I’ve never watched the show but if it is, maybe MTV needs to consider reverting their other shows to this format if possible because their post-season specials never perform this well.

5. Little Women LA (1.621 million 0.6)- I’m not sure I’m ready to declare that the numbers are skyrocketing just yet. There is a noticeable improvement from the premiere, but last season’s numbers showed a growth spurt that was every similar to this (with 1.6-1.7 million being the peak) before sliding back to familiar territory again.

6. Ru Paul’s Drag Race (377,000 0.2)- I don’t see an issue with these numbers for the simple fact that this is the only LOGO show that I have seen ratings for over the last several years. That means this show sets the bar for the network and the viability of all other shows are compared to how close it is to this one.

7. Once Upon a Time (4.012 million 1.3)- The good news is that ABC renewed this show last week with most of their other shows. The bad news is that this returned from the long hiatus matching its series low. If you’re a fan, all you can do is just sigh, move on and enjoy the rest of the season in peace.

8. How to Get Away with Murder (4.531 million 1.4)- These ratings have not been impressive since coming back from the break, but I am absolutely not surprised that ABC renewed this show last week. They have much bigger problems to deal with.

9. I Am Cait (745,000 0.3)- This is way down from last season’s premiere. That much I know. What I don’t know is how far the numbers will continue to fall from here. Premieres tend to be the highest rated episodes for E! shows. I’m going to guess that the show will be in serious danger if it falls below 500k viewers (Recent standards have seen shows pulling in just above 500k get renewed on E!).

10. Marvel’s Agent Carter (2.349 million 0.7)- Three things lead me to believe that this show will be canceled. The first and most important factor are the ratings. They are horrible and there’s no getting around that. The second reason is that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was renewed in the huge wave even though it has yet to air a new episode this year (that changes tonight) and this show was not among the renewals. The final reason is that ABC has already cast the lead actress to star in a new pilot. Now there’s no way of knowing if the pilot will be picked up for next season, but none of that bodes well for the future of this show.

Broadcast Shows:

The Voice (Monday)- 13.447 million (3.2)

The Voice (Tuesday)- 12.285 million (3.0)

American Idol- 8.737 million (1.3)

Chicago PD- 7.169 million (1.5)

2 Broke Girls- 6.735 million (1.7)

Gotham- 4.539 million (1.5)

How to Get Away with Murder- 4.531 million (1.4)

Grimm- 4.264 million (1.0)

Once Upon a Time- 4.012 million (1.3)

Hell’s Kitchen- 3.377 million (1.0)

Once Upon a Time (Special)- 2.612 million (0.6)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow- 2.277 million (0.9)

Marvel’s Agent Carter (Finale)- 2.349 million (0.7)

The Vampire Diaries- 1.060 million (0.4)

The Originals- 879,000 (0.4)

Cable Shows:

The Walking Dead- 12.816 million (6.2)

Real Housewives of Atlanta- 2.850 million (1.3)

The Haves and the Have Nots- 2.799 million (0.8)

Love & Hip Hop 6 (Finale)- 2.261 million (1.2)

Better Call Saul- 2.199 million (0.9)

Duck Dynasty (Finale)- 1.735 million (0.6)

Stevie J. & Joseline Go Hollywood- 1.713 million (0.9)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- 1.668 million (0.6)

Real Housewives of Potomac- 1.634 million (0.7)

Little Women: LA- 1.621 million (0.6)

Bates Motel (Premiere)- 1.546 million (0.7)

Vanderpump Rules- 1.519 million (0.7)

Little Women: Atlanta- 1.507 million (0.7)

K. Michelle: My Life 2- 1.497 million (0.8)

Dance Moms- 1.288 million (0.5)

Teen Mom OG (Check Up Special Part 2)- 1.236 million (0.7)

Pretty Little Liars- 1.145 million (0.6)

Project Runway All Stars- 1.121 million (0.3)

Hit the Floor- 1.112 million (0.5)

Mob Wives: The Last Stand- 1.057 million (0.5)

Teen Wolf- 905,000 (0.4)

Vanderpump Rules (After Show)- 768,000 (0.3)

Catfish: The TV Show- 764,000 (0.4)

Ridiculousness- 745,000 (0.4)

I Am Cait (Premiere)- 745,000 (0.3)

Ridiculousness (Special)- 439,000 (0.2)

Ru Paul’s Drag Race (Premiere)- 377,000 (0.2)

The Next 15- 257,000 (0.1)

Preachers of Atlanta- 222,000 (0.1)