Tuesday, August 25, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 8/25/15 Edition

The cable networks are beginning to transition into their fall schedules. The beginning of the broadcast season is still a month away so these lists going forward will be heavy on focusing on premieres and finales.

1. Fear the Walking Dead (10.130 million 4.9)- This came in a little (ok a lot) bigger than I was expecting. Personally, I don’t get the appeal but for some reason, people love this particular zombie apocalypse story and they are eating it up. We’ll see if this takes a hit going forward or if it can stay dominant like the main show.

2. Duck Dynasty (3.260 million 1.0)- People love weddings. Don’t know why but they do. Otherwise, this finale would not have been this high.

3. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (1.061 million 0.5)- This took a jump to close the season but overall this was a decent season. This show had practically one job and that was not to continue the viewer loss from last season. This show achieved that goal and I expect it will return but hopefully not too soon.

4. Black Ink Crew (2.231 million 1.1)- This show has a pretty loyal audience but it also appears as if there is a ceiling with this show. I expect the ratings to dip a little bit in a couple of weeks but I don’t see the numbers tanking. This show will be on for 8 more weeks and the ratings should stay strong enough to keep this in VH1’s top 5 shows for the year.

5. Devious Maids (1.533 million 0.6)- The show put up a little bit of a strong finish but it may not be as strong as it needed to. Lifetime’s scripted slate is in shambles. This is the highest rated show of the current crop but its ratings are merely at bubble status. I think there is a solid chance the show returns and hopefully Lifetime thinks so because they are going to need to buy some more time to find stronger shows and they don’t have the luxury to cancel a moderately performing summer show with nothing to fall back on.

6. Teen Wolf (958,000 0.4)- This isn’t a great finish for the season. I know it will be back but the ratings took a major step back for this half of the season. Maybe the show is to blame, maybe MTV’s overall ratings woes are to blame. Something went wrong here and age and history are not on this show’s side when it comes to predicting a strong return.

7. Switched at Birth (979,000 0.4)- It was obvious after the end of last season that this show was on the decline. The decline continues and ABC Family’s struggles continue. This show is still doing better than most of the other scripted offerings on the network but perhaps it is time to finally consider an endgame with this show.

8. Real Husbands of Hollywood (1.159 million 0.6)- Quiet as it’s kept, BET is going through a bit of a slump too. They have been trying out more reality shows than usual and they have come with mostly disastrous results. Their scripted shows have all slumped this year too. Now that The Game has finally ended, there are only 2 scripted shows left on the network. With premiere numbers like these, I’m not very encouraged with the rest of the season.

9. Kendra on Top (729,000 0.3)- I never found numbers for last season’s premiere but I did find other numbers. These are pretty close to the beginning of last season. I know last season was helped by a “scandal” and this premiere aired behind Marriage: Boot Camp so it will be interesting to see how well this show holds up over the rest of the season.

10. Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps (738,000 0.3)- This show is performing a little bit worse than last season but that’s primarily because last season had 2 highly rated episodes at the beginning of the season that kept the season average up. This particular episode is a season high for the show and it was up quite a bit over last week’s episode. I can’t explain the sudden rise but if the show keeps putting up numbers like these, the gap between last season’s average and this season’s average will shrink in a hurry.