Tuesday, August 11, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 8/11/15 Edition

I like the assortment of shows this week. I didn't have to use too many filler shows.

1. The Game (1.769 million 0.7)- I don’t know if anyone was expecting a huge boost here but if they were, then perhaps there would be disappointment with these numbers. Realistically, we all knew that this wasn’t going to get anywhere near matching the series high (the 7.7 million who tuned in for the season 4 premiere…the first BET episode). This is an acceptable conclusion for a show that got a second chance and made the absolute best of it. Not many shows get to have that chance.

2. Project Runway (1.661 million 0.5)- These are completely normal ratings for this show. From this point, two things are likely to happen. Either the show will dip a little bit and then stabilize from there or the show will just maintain these ratings every week (since these numbers are at the top end of the scale for this show). It is bizarre that if these numbers hold, it would be Lifetime’s highest rated show of the year so far (This is already their highest rated reality show. The news is that these numbers also best just about all of their scripted shows, especially in total viewers).

3. She’s Got Game (1.952 million 1.0)- These are basically the numbers I expected here. I kinda guessed this would be on par with the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta aftershow. It’s a decent start but we will see how many viewers stick around in a few weeks (there will be the normal week 2 viewer loss and there will likely be a dropoff when Love & Hip Hop transitions from Atlanta to Hollywood). I do know that if the numbers drop a little too far, VH1 probably won’t hesitate to either shift this over to Sundays to air behind Basketball Wives LA or swap it with Black Ink Crew. That just depends on how far the numbers fall.

4. The Strain (1.264 million 0.6)- I forgot about this show for a while. I think it’s because this is the only FX show that airs on Sunday. These numbers still aren’t bad. They aren’t supremely great but these aren’t numbers that are just begging to be canceled either.

5. LA Hair (810,000 0.3)- This has been a reliable performer for WE. I don’t know what made them want to stick the show behind Braxton Family Values but maybe it’s because BFV should be ending the season soon and BFV isn’t the launching pad they may have believed they had. Whatever the case, this show does have its own fans so I’m not inclined to believe these numbers are good because of the help it is getting.

6. Married to Medicine (975,000 0.4)- This is only here to highlight why I believe the next show on this list won’t get renewed. Yes, I know these ratings are lower than last season and yes, I know that this was the lead-in to Mother Funders but this show still has a very good shot to be renewed. These numbers will get a show renewed on Bravo.

7. Mother Funders (566,000 0.2)- I’ll put it this way, Bravo will renew low rated scripted shows (because they only have 2 of them) but they won’t renew low rated reality shows. Reality shows are common on Bravo and there’s no reason to keep one when they know that they have several more shows in the pipeline. This show never really found an audience even behind a weaker Married to Medicine and Bravo is a network that will cut their losses and try another show. I will be shocked if this returns for a second season.

8. Masters of Sex (552,000 0.2)- I was about to exclude this show from the list this week but Showtime decided to announce the season 4 renewal today. That news in itself isn’t that surprising. Showtime will renew low rated shows. They don’t go through the process of premiering a lot of new shows every year. They tend to stick to what they have either until the producers get tired or the numbers don’t work for them anymore.

9. It Takes a Sister (Premiere: 277,000 0.1; Episode 2: 254,000 0.1)- Normally I would just say these premiere ratings are horrible and the show is going to have a really tough time fighting for a renewal and just leave it at that. Don’t get me wrong, these numbers are awful but they are seriously no worse than everything else that has aired on Oxygen this year. I don’t expect the numbers to improve too much tonight. The show isn’t going to air directly behind Bad Girls Club (some other new show is airing and this will be behind the new show) and I don’t expect the new show to have stellar retention from BGC anyway.

10. America’s Next Top Model (1.15 million 0.4)- There is nothing all that notable about these numbers. If history is any indication then these numbers will slip about 0.1 in the demo with fluctuations above and below that million viewer mark. Then the show will eventually move to Fridays and the numbers will be completely forgettable. I hear this may be the last season for the show but no one has confirmed that news so far.