Tuesday, August 18, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 8/18/15 Edition

I wouldn't call this week the calm before the storm. No, this week is more like the eye because things are only going to get more interesting from here.

1. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (3.325 million 1.7)- I'm not surprised that this didn’t hit a season high. The numbers would have had to come up a lot to get to that point. It’s possible one of the reunion specials may get there but as it stands, we are looking at the first season where this show (I’m just talking about Atlanta, not New York or Hollywood) does not reach a season average of 3 million viewers.

2. Pretty Little Liars (3,087 million 1.4)- Now these are the numbers I have come to associate with premieres and finales of this show. I know these numbers are strong only because there was a promise to deliver on revealing some major plot points but clearly something made viewers check this time where they hadn’t been doing it the last couple of instances.

3. Bad Girls Club: Back for More (615,000 0.3)- I have premiere info for every season except season 1. And upon looking at that info, this premiere is lower than every season premiere I have numbers for. Now I don’t believe the season 1 premiere beat this but it is just a testament of how far this show has fallen. The ratings peak of this show was 10 seasons ago. The ship has sailed. Maybe there will be some improvement as the season goes on because this show and Oxygen needs that to happen.

4. Don’t Be Tardy (1.375 million 0.6)- I’m a little surprised with how strong this show came in. Don’t quote me on this but I believe this is better than last season’s premiere (which aired on a Thursday) and this definitely outperformed its Married to Medicine lead-in. I don’t know if the numbers will stay here but if they do, they will be better than last season. For now, it is a good showing for a 4th season premiere.

5. Teen Mom 2 (1.358 million 0.7)- It appears the ratings have stabilized for the season. While the ratings are much lower than past seasons, they are good for the current environment at MTV. This show is old and there have been rumors about this show ending for more than 2 seasons now. I’m not going to speculate on the future. I just know the ratings are good enough to justify another season and if MTV wants another season then they will get it.

6. Basketball Wives LA (1.294 million 0.7)- It will be interesting to see what scale this show gets judged on because that scale is going to determine the fate of this show. If this show is going to be judged on how it should perform compared to other Monday shows or how it has done in the past, then this show is an underperformer and then it would probably be looking at cancellation. However, if this show is going to be judged on the fact that it doesn’t air on Mondays then this would be the best show of that bunch (with Mob Wives not far behind) and then the show would deserve to be renewed. It all comes down to which scale the show will be judged on because I don’t see the ratings changing much from here.

7. Real Housewives of New York City (1.406 million 0.6)- I had no idea this was the finale until maybe 2-3 days after this aired. The ratings are no different from any other regular episode. This show basically lives on if Bravo keeps believing that they can retool the show to find the right formula. They have done it for 3 seasons with no success but they are really stubborn about their Real Housewives shows and cutthroat about everything else.

8. Twinning (517,000 0.2)- The ratings for this show are still shaky but the general ratings trend for the show is moving up. We knew what we were getting out of Dating Naked and we knew what we were getting out of Candidly Nicole. This is the newbie in the lineup and so far, it is really trying to make a case for renewal. Since it is a challenge show, it will require a new cast should it get renewed but so far, the show is trying to make a legitimate case for renewal. The next few weeks should try to solidify the decision. I’m not saying the show is a hit (it really isn’t), but it is doing better than a good majority of the Wednesday offerings over the last year.

9. Beauty and the Beast (924,000 0.3)- This isn’t a bad showing. Pretty stable and it is going to need it because with preseason football underway, all Thursday and Friday broadcast shows are going to get hit with scattered nationwide preemptions for the next 3 weeks.

10. Under the Dome (3.73 milllion 0.8)- So we all know what could keep Extant alive with its low ratings but we don’t know the answer with this show. It got through season 1 with very strong ratings. It survived season 2 with lower ratings but still healthy for the summer. For season 3, the mystique is gone so we will learn soon if someone is willing to step up to the plate to see if they can drag this show out for one more season. I doubt CBS will bite the bullet to renew the show without some kind of deal in place somewhere else.