Tuesday, August 4, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 8/4/15 Edition

This is another slow week but August is shaping up to be a fairly active month.

1. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (1.301 million 0.7)- So this looks to be the end of these episodes for a while. I’m hesitant to call it the end of the season because you just never know with this show. I have a feeling some more episodes will pop up somewhere but right now, that somewhere won’t be on Mondays because Mondays are going to be at full capacity in 3 weeks.

2. Teen Mom 2 (1.417 million 0.8)- his show has taken a pretty dramatic tumble since the premiere but the numbers over the last couple of weeks have generally stayed in this area. The sad thing is this is still MTV’s highest rated show at the moment.

3. Scream: The TV Series (751,000 0.3)- MTV’s renewal last Wednesday was odd to me. The timing made it seem like they wanted to get ahead of the news so that nobody would focus on this being a season low. It will only prove to be a decent move if tonight’s ratings manage to bounce back to where they were.

4. Real Housewives of New York City (1.110 million 0.5)- I don’t think Bravo is very happy with having to navigate around 4 active Real Housewives shows (New Jersey is on an extended hiatus and won’t air a season this year). Of the 4 shows, this is the lowest rated one and the gap between this and the other 3 is noticeable. However, these ratings have been stable for the last 3 seasons and while they have been problematic, Bravo’s solution appears to be to just keep recasting the show every season. I’m almost wondering if they are going to do that again.

5. Livin’ Lozada (394,000 0.1)- I’m still not sure how to feel about this show yet. One week the show has decent numbers and then the next week they are bordering on ugly. This show airs on a Saturday night. You cannot expect a million viewer show here (I wouldn’t expect a 700k show). I think I would feel a little more comfortable about this show’s chances if it can creep closer to that 500k mark and stay there.

6. America’s Best Dance Crew (792,000 0.4)- So MTV decided to resurrect this show for a very limited run (about 4-6 episodes with the last one airing on the day of the VMA’s). That’s the gimmick they are going for. The numbers aren’t anything to write home about but I don’t know if this show got very much promotion either.

7. Under the Dome (4.68 million 1.0)- In total viewers, this show comes pretty close to matching Extant. In the demo, this show does a little better than Extant. I don’t think there’s an either or situation going on here. CBS could very well want to renew both shows, cancel both shows or renew one show. There’s no competition going on because they are both summer shows and there’s plenty of room for both. The question is does CBS want to tolerate low numbers and will the financial factors involved with making another season happen work for them.

8. Hollywood Divas (319,000 0.2)- The numbers are definitely lower than the premiere a few weeks back but I believed the premiere was a little inflated anyway. These seem like decent numbers for a TV One show.

9. Sisterhood of Hip Hop (251,000 0.1)- So it appears that this episode is the finale. If so, then it seems a little strange. I know Oxygen has some shows lined up (Bad Girls Club and 2 new shows including one premiere tonight). This wasn’t a good season and it seems like Oxygen has been taking the approach of seeing if the replacements do any better than the original veteran show. This show is in serious limbo and I would be surprised if a decision comes soon.

10. Candidly Nicole (227,000 0.1)- This is a show that really didn’t deserve to get renewed. Perhaps VH1 had second thoughts because the show wouldn’t be airing at 11pm if they thought it was a solid performer. Because this is an 11pm show, anything goes here. Either VH1 will think the ratings are acceptable no matter how low they get or this is a dead show walking already. The answer may not get clearer as the season goes on.