Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ratings: April 3rd-9th, 2018

I had every intention of doing a full list this week, but that was made difficult by the fact that more than a handful of shows will be airing their final episodes of the season over the next 3 weeks (of course, all the broadcast shows will wrap their seasons within the next 6 weeks). I do have something to share about the Project Runway franchise that is too important to leave unsaid.

The ratings say that Project Runway All Stars is safe, but its future is now uncertain. Actually, the fate of the entire franchise is uncertain. Last year, Lifetime announced a deal that renewed the main Project Runway show for three seasons (one of which has already aired) and the Junior and All Stars version for one additional season. It was revealed last week that the deal in place was scrapped (it has to do with the Harvey Weinstein scandal because the show is produced by The Weinstein company—currently going through bankruptcy proceedings in court). The parent company of Lifetime, (A&E Networks) scrapped the deal citing a breach of contract and now there are new talks with A&E Networks to try to restore the deal. As it stands, A&E Networks want to buy the production rights of the franchise because they do want to keep it on the Lifetime network. Details about negotiations are not typically made public, so a resolution won’t come until a decision is made either way. If a deal can’t be reached, I do believe there are enough cable networks out there that could use a franchise that delivers the viewers even though the demo they bring skews a little older than they would like (To me, that means I wouldn’t exclude a return to Bravo, but that’s a bit of a reach for now. The most likely scenario IMO is that A&E gets the deal done).

Broadcast Shows:

The Voice (Monday)- 9.856 million (1.9)

The Voice (Tuesday)- 9.433 million (1.8)

American Idol (Monday)-7.724 million (1.6)

American Idol (Sunday)- 7.232 million (1.5)

Empire- 5.573 million (1.8)

Chicago Fire- 5.475 million (1.0)

Star- 4.212 million (1.3)

Scandal- 3.833 million (1.0)

MasterChef Junior- 3.542 million (0.8)

Gotham- 2.532 million (0.7)

Once Upon a Time- 2.152 million (0.5)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- 2.076 million (0.6)

Black Lightning- 1.499 million (0.5)

Supernatural- 1.414 million (0.4)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Finale)- 1.411 million (0.4)

Arrow- 868,000 (0.3)

Cable Shows:

The Walking Dead- 6.665 million (2.8)

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Episode 2)- 2.555 million (1.5)

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Reunion Part 1)- 2.444 million (0.9)

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation (Premiere)- 2.418 million (1.4)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta- 2.028 million (1.0)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- 1.761 million (0.6)

Vanderpump Rules- 1.492 million (0.6)

Teyana & Iman- 1.456 million (0.7)

Real Housewives of New York City (Premiere)- 1.393 million (0.5)

Project Runway All Stars (Finale)- 1.258 million (0.3)

Teen Mom OG- 1.250 million (0.7)

Homeland- 1.242 million (0.3)

Real Housewives of Potomac- 1.228 million (0.4)

Leave it to Stevie- 1.170 million (0.6)

The Challenge: Vendettas- 900,000 (0.5)

Braxton Family Values- 890,000 (0.3)

Black Ink Crew- 884,000 (0.4)

America’s Next Top Model- 833,000 (0.4)

RuPaul’s Drag Race- 766,000 (0.4)

Little Women LA- 752,000 (0.2)

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant- 718,000 (0.4)

VH1 Beauty Bar- 587,000 (0.3)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition- 538,000 (0.2)

Untucked- 526,000 (0.3)

Teen Mom OG (Aftershow)- 473,000 (0.3)

Catfish: The TV Show (Special)- 394,000 (0.2)

The Challenge: Vendettas (Aftershow)- 387,000 (0.2)