Tuesday, May 16, 2017

10 Ratings Blurbs: 5/16/17 Edition

As far as this list goes, the only confirmed bubble show cancellation is 2 Broke Girls. There is still one show with an undecided fate (Chicago Justice) and one confirmed final season show (Scandal).

1. Chicago Med (7.006 million 1.2)- This show is absent from the fall schedule. It will continue to air on Thursdays, but it is looking at a premiere sometime after NBC satisfies its football commitments, so basically January unless Law and Order: True Crime flops sooner than that. That may be good for the show, but we won’t know for sure until well after next season gets underway.

2. Scandal (5.103 million 1.4)- This may come back on the list next week since the finale airs in a couple of days. I’m adding it because of the news that broke late last week (and was confirmed today) that next season will be the final season of the show. As of now, ABC has this returning in the fall, but they haven’t specified an episode count. There are some rumors going around that the show may not receive a full 22 episode season and without that knowledge, we have no way of knowing how soon the end of the show will come (Fewer than 13 episodes puts the finale before the year is out. 14-16 would probably end the show in January or February and more than that means ABC can end the show anytime they want before May because of breaks).

3. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (Episode 5: 1.608 million 0.6; Episode 6: 1.612 million 0.7)- Episode 6 was supposed to be the series finale of the show, but it isn’t. Why? My guess is that VH1 wants one last chance to capitalize on having an absolute final resolution to this series and T.I. & Tiny’s marriage and they want to see how much they can get on film before they are forced to call it quits for good. Right now, I’m not aware of when the finale is. They do have one episode on schedule for next week, but they don’t appear to have it tagged as the finale and they haven’t revealed their plans for Memorial Day yet (typically, VH1 chooses to air new episodes on Memorial Day). I guess it is wait and see game with this one.

4. Once Upon a Time (2.951 million 0.7)- There was a little bit of discomfort surrounding the show over the last couple of weeks. The lead character announced her departure from the series leaving some to wonder if we were perhaps looking at the end of the show. ABC decided to renew the show and they have just announced this morning that the show will move to Fridays. It is a massive change and with numbers like these, the margin of error may remain slim going into next season.

5. The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions (730,000 0.4)- So I just actually figured out today that MTV is premiering their new season of this show tonight (along with airing the reunion for this season). Perhaps they should have let the show have a normal break and breathe a little bit, but I suppose they want to have their summer Tuesday schedule locked in and ready to go.

6. Little Women: Dallas (811,000 0.3)- This season didn’t deliver exceptionally strong ratings, but I don’t get the sense that the show is in any danger. The franchise is down as a whole and while this is the newest show in the franchise, its half-season decline is not as large as the ones seen by Atlanta and LA. For now, it would be best for Lifetime to keep all three shows and figure out how to get fans to anticipate them without airing all three at the same time.

7. Riverdale (962,000 0.4)- We won’t know where or if this makes the fall schedule until Thursday. The CW ordered 4 new shows and only canceled 2 (the two shows that came and went in the fall. The last two holdouts – iZombie and The Originals were both renewed). There will be pressure to do well next season. Its chances for renewal will only improve with freshman flops or if the network decides to call a veteran show quits after next season. The show cannot afford to decline more than the network average next season.

8. Gotham (2.977 million 0.9)- This show will probably come back on the list next week as well, but the surprising revelation here is that not only is FOX not pairing it with its other comic genre option (I’m aware of the DC versus Marvel thing. Won’t explain it because I’m not a comic book nerd), they are going to move the show to the traditionally challenging Thursday night spot. There’s an argument to be made that it will struggle against football and whatever DC show The CW throws at it in the fall, but you could also say that it has had to do the same for 2 of the 3 years on Mondays. As the restlessness of summer sets in, I think people will allow the shock of this move to wear off and realize that it’s situation isn’t tougher than it already has been.

9. Chicago Justice (5.725 million 1.1)- As of this writing (Tuesday morning), there is still no announcement on the fate of this show. It is strange considering that they have already revealed their fall schedule (Only Fire and PD are on it) and delays like this, rare as they are, are typically reserved for highly veteran shows where contract negotiations are the main sticking point. I haven’t seen any explanation as to why NBC hasn’t made a call on this show.

10. The Originals (846,000 0.3)- The finale is still weeks away, but fans can at least take solace in knowing that the show will return next season. I am not expecting the show to premiere in the fall. Given the sheer volume of their renewals and pickups, it is possible that the show may get pushed off into next summer. The network will reveal their plans in a couple of days and we will see what happens then.

Broadcast Shows:

Dancing with the Stars- 10.065 million (1.5)

The Voice (Monday)- 9.112 million (1.8)

The Voice (Tuesday)- 8.686 million (1.7)

Chicago Med (Finale)- 7.006 million (1.2)

Empire- 6.317 million (2.2)

Chicago PD- 6.170 million (1.3)

Chicago Fire- 5.922 million (1.2)

Chicago Justice (Finale)- 5.725 million (1.1)

Scandal- 5.103 million (1.4)

Elementary- 4.425 million (0.6)

Gotham- 2.977 million (0.9)

Once Upon a Time (Finale)- 2.951 million (0.7)

MasterChef Junior- 2.946 million (0.9)

Once Upon a Time (Special)- 2.815 million (0.8)

The Flash- 2.706 million (1.0)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- 2.137 million (0.7)

Supergirl- 1.929 million (0.5)

Arrow- 1.651 million (0.6)

Supernatural- 1.420 million (0.5)

Riverdale (Finale)- 962,000 (0.4)

The Originals- 846,000 (0.3)

Cable Shows:

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta- 2.291 million (1.2)

Basketball Wives- 1.910 million (0.9)

Better Call Saul- 1.715 million (0.6)

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (10:30)- 1.612 million (0.7)

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (10:00)- 1.608 million (0.8)

Real Housewives of Atlanta (Secrets Revealed)- 1.470 million (0.5)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians- 1.373 million (0.6)

Real Housewives of New York City- 1.314 million (0.5)

Return to Amish- 1.148 million (0.3)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Dirty Little Secrets 2)- 1.051 million (0.5)

Teen Mom OG- 1.047 million (0.6)

Little Women: LA- 1.017 million (0.4)

Pretty Little Liars- 911,000 (0.5)

Return to Amish (Special)- 879,000 (0.2)

Braxton Family Values- 866,000 (0.3)

Little Women: Atlanta- 824,000 (0.3)

Little Women: Dallas (Finale)- 811,000 (0.3)

Little Women: LA (Aftershow)- 763,000 (0.2)

RuPaul’s Drag Race- 738,000 (0.4)

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions (Finale)- 730,000 (0.4)

Veep- 619,000 (0.3)

Teen Mom OG (Aftershow)- 567,000 (0.3)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition- 519,000 (0.2)

The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions (Special)- 372,000 (0.2)