Tuesday, January 24, 2017

10 Ratings Blurbs: 1/24/17 Edition

For a moment, I thought I was going to be really late with getting this up. Instead, I'm on time. I will say that I didn't quite catch the full total viewers for Grimm and The Vampire Diaries this week.

1. Teen Mom 2 (1.571 million 0.9)- Numbers like these are the real reason why the people at MTV feel that they can’t part with this franchise. They might like the idea of ending shows before they have completely run their course, but they have been burned in the past and now the strategy is just to ride a show until the wheels fall off.

2. Homeland (1.451 million 0.5)- Good recovery from week 1 to week 2. I did see that last week’s episode was offered early for people to stream online and that could have depressed the numbers a little. These are numbers that I definitely expect to see from the show.

3. Black Ink Crew (Premiere: 1.325 million 0.7; Episode 2: 1.393 million 0.7)- This is down from last season’s premiere and I have to believe that the entire season won’t have ratings as good as last season. However, you have to judge the numbers based on the new night and so far, these are good numbers and comparable with the top Wednesday show of 2016 (the final season of Mob Wives).

4. Supergirl (2.652 million 0.8) – I should make a note that The CW has renewed almost all of their shows already (basically, they have not decided on their freshman shows or shows that haven’t begun their seasons yet). The numbers say this show deserves that renewal. The rest of this season will just be an observation on whether the DC shows (sans Legends of Tomorrow) deserve their 8pm slots and what to put behind those shows.

5. The Haves and the Have Nots (2.680 million 0.7)- This was a recovery from the previous episode (which as of today, aired 2 weeks ago). I think the episode before this one was hurt by airing against the Obama speech. I’m not concerned and I do think the numbers may start creeping back up towards that 3 million mark again.

6. K. Michelle: My Life (1.772 million 0.9)- This isn’t doing quite as well as last season, but it isn’t that far off. The numbers are adequate and it seems that the show will get renewed if they decide that they really want to have another season. I don’t think it needs to have another 30-minute show to pair with it on the roster. I should also note that all four of the VH1 shows last night hit season high numbers.

7. Grimm (4.29 million 0.8)- I can’t say these are bad numbers. It might have benefited from a little bit of inauguration fatigue.

8. Ridiculousness (Premiere: 589,000 0.3; Episode 2 701,000 0.3)- I’m not sure why both episodes were 40 minutes long, but that isn’t something I care to investigate. What I will say is that these are decent numbers for a MTV show in general and that means these are very good numbers for a Friday show.

9. Vanderpump Rules (1.322 million 0.6)- Perfectly normal numbers for a show that just pretty much floats out there on Mondays. The show definitely has its fans because Mondays are a damn hard night to try to appeal to female viewers.

10. Celebrity Apprentice (3.904 million 1.1)- These numbers do suck and I know NBC is counting down the days until The Voice returns. The sad thing is that this isn’t the biggest problem about Monday nights.

Broadcast Shows:

Chicago Fire- 7.151 million (1.6)

2 Broke Girls- 7.063 million (0.7)

Chicago Med- 6.410 million (1.2)

Grimm- 4.29 million (0.8)

Hell’s Kitchen- 3.915 million (1.3)

Celebrity Apprentice- 3.904 million (1.1)

Gotham- 3.603 million (1.2)

Supergirl- 2.652 million (0.8)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.- 2.027 million (0.6)

The Vampire Diaries- 86x,000 (0.3)

Cable Shows:

Love & Hip Hop 7- 2.719 million (1.4)

The Haves and the Have Nots- 2.680 million (0.7)

Real Housewives of Atlanta- 2.477 million (1.0)

Leave it to Stevie- 2.026 million (1.0)

K. Michelle: My Life 3- 1.772 million (0.9)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills- 1.762 million (0.6)

Teen Mom 2- 1.571 million (0.9)

Homeland- 1.451 million (0.7)

Black Ink Crew 5 (Episode 2)- 1.393 million (0.7)

Black Ink Crew 5 (Premiere)- 1.325 million (0.7)

Vanderpump Rules- 1.322 million (0.6)

America’s Next Top Model- 1.291 million (0.6)

Duck Dynasty- 1.189 million (0.3)

Project Runway: Junior- 1.102 million (0.3)

Little Women: Atlanta- 997,000 (0.4)

Nashville- 963,000 (0.2)

Dance Moms- 962,000 (0.3)

Being Mary Jane- 892,000 (0.4)

Married to Medicine- 878,000 (0.4)

Ridiculousness (Episode 2)- 701,000 (0.3)

Ridiculousness (Premiere)- 589,000 (0.3)

Teen Wolf- 441,000 (0.2)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars- 434,000 (0.2)