Tuesday, September 20, 2016

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/20/16 Edition

I think we're going to be in for another season of ugly broadcast ratings and networks looking desperate in about 5 weeks.

1. America’s Got Talent (Tuesday: 13.973 million 2.8; Finale: 14.412 million 2.8)- We have officially reached the end of the summer season. Now, NBC will feast on a robust diet of NFL football, The Voice and the artificially inflated ratings that come with shows airing behind The Voice. Then, everything will fall off a cliff in January and May won’t get here fast enough for this show to return.

2. American Horror Story (5.137 million 2.8)- This show is no stranger to having hot starts. This show is also no stranger to fading down the stretch. I see no reason why that trend won’t continue. However, it won’t matter because these numbers are so far ahead of everything else on FX that no one will care how much it drops.

3. The Voice (12.104 million 3.3)- I’m beginning to sense a disturbing trend here. This show isn’t exactly immune to it, but the ratings are good enough to have people overlook it. I’m starting to notice a thing where returning shows are coming back with the numbers they averaged towards the end of last season. This show is above that mark, but only because this show sees its best numbers at the beginning of the season. When compared to that, these numbers are down from last season’s opener.

4. Project Runway (1.721 million 0.4)- This is a good start for the show. Lifetime has gotten a little more aggressive with the spinoffs, but the longer layoffs appear to be benefitting this show. They are going to need it because they have already committed to doing more seasons.

5. Don’t Be Tardy (1.235 million 0.5)- I would say it’s a good start, but this benefitted from the Real Housewives of NYC reunion. I would not be surprised if this somehow loses around 250k viewers for this week’s episode.

6. Gotham (3.897 million 1.3)- These ratings would be ok if this weren’t the premiere. The show shouldn’t be in any danger this season, (it needs to get renewed to reach that 4th season for syndication) but that doesn’t mean FOX wants to spend two whole seasons feeling sick over the ratings every week.

7. MasterChef (8pm: 4.087 million 1.3; Finale: 4.641 million 1.5)- The fact that this finale has already gotten better ratings than both FOX shows last night (and has a very good chance of replicating that same feat tonight) says that these aren’t awful ratings. I just hope that FOX doesn’t get desperate enough to premiere the show before next summer.

8. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (9:00 1.457 million 0.7; Finale: 1.378 million 0.6)- This second half basically had the same ratings path as the first half of the season. I’m not sure if the show will return. Mediocre ratings, the age of the show and rumors surrounding the family are all factors that could keep the show from returning. Lack of easily available options (Because scripted shows take a lot of time to develop) could signal a return for the show in 2017.

9. Beauty and the Beast (696,000 0.2)- It stands to reason that the show probably lived 2 seasons too long. The CW got the 4 seasons it needed while mitigating their losses to do it. Hopefully, syndication elsewhere will recoup the money the studio spent getting the show here.

10. Cutting It: In the ATL (315,000 0.1)- I look at ratings like these and I have to wonder if this is the end of the road. These numbers are about 1/3rd of what last season’s finale drew. You rarely see season-to-season drops like this. I can’t blame the drop on the show though. There is too much evidence signaling that this is a problem facing the entire network.

Broadcast Shows:

America’s Got Talent (Finale)- 14.412 million (2.8)

America’s Got Talent (Tuesday)- 13.973 million (2.8)

The Voice- 12.104 million (3.3)

Dancing with the Stars- 10.714 million (1.7)

Big Brother (Tuesday)- 6.348 million (1.8)

Big Brother (Wednesday)- 6.112 million (1.8)

MasterChef (Finale)- 4.641 million (1.5)

Big Brother (Friday)- 4.595 million (1.2)

Gotham (Premiere)- 3.897 million (1.3)

Beauty and the Beast (Series Finale)- 696,000 (0.2)

Cable Shows:

American Horror Story (Premiere)- 5.137 million (2.8)

Fear the Walking Dead- 3.616 million (1.6)

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 3- 2.148 million (1.1)

Real Housewives of NYC (Reunion Part 3)- 1.763 million (0.6)

Real Housewives of Orange County- 1.758 million (0.7)

Project Runway (Premiere)- 1.721 million (0.4)

Little Women: LA- 1.573 million (0.6)

Real Housewives of New Jersey- 1.524 million (0.6)

Basketball Wives LA 5- 1.464 million (0.7)

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle 5 (9:00)- 1.457 million (0.7)

Little Women: Atlanta- 1.416 million (0.6)

Rob & Chyna- 1.407 million (0.7)

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle 5 (Finale)- 1.378 million (0.6)

Road to the Runway- 1.360 million (0.3)

Don’t Be Tardy (Premiere)- 1.235 million (0.5)

Teen Mom OG- 1.198 million (0.7)

The Strain- 990,000 (0.4)

Dance Moms- 878,000 (0.3)

VH1 Live! (Monday)- 792,000 (0.4)

Catfish: The TV Show- 656,000 (0.4)

Dating Naked 3 (Finale)- 571,000 (0.3)

Ridiculousness (10:30)- 568,000 (0.3)

Ridiculousness (10:00)- 533,000 (0.3)

Masters of Sex- 420,000 (0.1)

Jim & Chrissy: Vow or Never- 384,000 (0.2)

Real Housewives of Melbourne- 368,000 (0.1)

Ru Paul’s All Stars Drag Race (VH1 Airing)- 335,000 (0.1)

Cutting It: In the ATL- 315,000 (0.1)

VH1 Live! (Tuesday)- 236,000 (0.1)

Ru Paul’s All Stars Drag Race (Logo Airing)- 226,000 (0.1)

Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption (Special)- 221,000 (0.1)

VH1 Live! (Wednesday)- 131,000 (0.1)