Wednesday, September 9, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/9/15 Edition

One of these days I will remember that Monday holidays push everything back to Wednesday.

1. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (2.397 million 1.3)- This came in maybe a tiny bit lower than I was expecting. I didn’t think this would match last season’s premiere (2.8 million) and unlike other shows, I don’t think the holiday is to blame here. VH1’s fall shows always have a tougher road than the rest of the year because this is the only time of year where competition from other networks (or to be more specific just football) is a factor in keeping the ratings down a little bit. The numbers may recover next week or they made dip a little more. I’m not expecting a huge shift in either direction.

2. Teen Mom 2 (1.767 million 1.0)- This is quietly putting together a decent season as far as the ratings are concerned. The show started strong and then dipped off a little but now the ratings have come up. This show is basically the lone bright spot on MTV’s schedule these days.

3. Braxton Family Values (1.122 million 0.5)- WE is a network that isn’t really on par with other cable networks with the same genre of shows (Bravo, Lifetime and perhaps VH1 and Oxygen to an extent). It is a smaller network still in the process of growing. Several years ago, their top show was Bridezillas. Now that crown firmly belongs to this show. While there are other shows on the network that are proving their strength, this show comes with strength, consistency and it isn’t stretched too thin. I feel like more networks need to follow the model WE has set with this show and their lineup as a whole.

4. Beyond Scared Straight (1.015 million 0.4)- A&E made the bizarre decision to designate the series finale as a clip show. Given the nature of the show, I understand why it was done but it wouldn’t be acceptable for 99% of shows. Perhaps that is why this didn’t see a bump. Very rarely do reality shows even get the opportunity to have a series finale.

5. Bad Girls Club: Back for More (827,000 0.3)- Keep in mind that this was for last week’s episode, not last night’s episode. This is a season high for the show but that still puts the show towards the lower mark of where last season’s ratings were. Depending on how long the season is, there is still a lot of time left for the show to shake off this rough start but for that to happen, these numbers need to keep climbing and I’m not sure if that will happen. I’m not ruling that possibility out though.

6. Scream: The TV Series (756,000 0.3)- With the ratings slide this show has experienced basically the entire season, it is nice to see some respectable numbers for the finale. We all know the show is returning and hopefully the hiatus between seasons will be the perfect opportunity to create some buzz around this show.

7. Catfish: The TV Show (585,000 0.3)- I have to wonder if this was a clip show because I’m having a hard time believing this was a regular episode with numbers like this. It also could have been a re-run. I’m not quite sure.

8. Hollywood Divas (327,000 0.2)- This wasn’t a long season and it appears to have been an average season for the show. I’m a little surprised this didn’t get a bump for the finale though. TVOne shows tend to have premieres and finales with noticeably higher ratings than the numbers for the rest of the season.

9. Kendra on Top (392,000 0.2)- This is the first week where there was absolutely no influence from Marriage: Boot Camp and the ratings tanked. If this bounces back on Friday then you can blame the low ratings on the holiday weekend. If they don’t, well then that is a very bad sign for the show because not one episode last season got ratings this low.

10. It Takes a Sister (243,000 0.1)- It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve seen ratings for this show and I have to believe it’s because the numbers have been lower than this. The show isn’t doing well partially because its lead-in (Boss Nails) isn’t doing well and that show isn’t doing well because before last week, Bad Girls Club wasn’t doing well either. Oxygen seems to be in shambles now and outside of Bad Girls Club, their remedy for what ails them seems to be airing new shows instead of renewing the ones they have (well shows that have done better than this one).