Tuesday, September 22, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/22/15 Edition

The start of the new broadcast season has been quiet so far. I think it's because people are looking for mega hits and I don't think they are going to find them in this new crop of shows. Also if last night was any indication, a lot of returning shows are going to struggle hard.

1. The Voice (12.37 million 3.5)- The Voice is huge. The Voice will carry NBC through the year and it will do its job of protecting the new high profile show (Blindspot) long enough for NBC to give it extra episodes and potentially a second season renewal.

2. America’s Got Talent (Tuesday: 11.40 million 2.4; Finale: 9.69 million 2.1)- The Wednesday episodes have really lagged behind the Tuesday episodes this season and the result was obviously the same for the final week. It is a good summer performer and I do believe the show will return next summer. I doubt NBC wants to condense the show into one night but they may try to do something to keep the interest in the second night as high as the first night.

3. Gotham (4.57 million 1.6)- This is about even for what the show was doing in the spring but these are not good numbers for a premiere. That 1.6 could easily become a 1.1 by March and that would be sketchy territory for a network that already has eyes on it for having potentially the first cancellation of the new season in Minority Report.

4. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (1.289 million 0.6)- For all the talk about how I Am Cait is a flop, one really has to ask, will those same people call this a flop too? I know better. These numbers (along with I Am Cait) still have both shows at the top of the mountain at E! That just shows how poorly their other shows are performing. (Total Divas is down from its previous season, WAGS matched Total Divas in the demo with its most recent episode with lower viewer totals. House of DVF and Stewarts and Hamiltons are total bombs. Royals is returning with similar ratings only because it is a scripted show and Richkids of Beverly Hills falls somewhere in between all of the gunk of the total flops and Total Divas. State of E! Network people).

5. Don’t Be Tardy (1.086 million 0.5)- This show is a little weird to me. It does appear to be up from last season and with the exception of one episode, the ratings have been stable. So far, these numbers have either equaled or exceeded that of Married to Medicine (with the one lone ratings dip coming on a week where Married to Medicine didn’t air). I wonder if these numbers will hold up after next week when ABC and CBS come in with their female targeted lineups.

6. Dating Naked: Playing for Keeps (788,000 0.4)- I have nothing new to say that I didn’t say last week. The show is returning for season 3 and the renewal was well deserved. This is a player for a non-Monday show and only Couples Therapy will keep this out of being a top 3 non-Monday show for the year (Basketball Wives LA is #1 and if Mob Wives returns this year then that will be #2).

7. Hollywood Divas (435,000 0.2)- The reunion episodes turned out to be really strong but I don’t think they were strong enough to pull the show up to impressive levels. From a ratings standpoint, TVOne could renew the show. The numbers were always there for that. I don’t know enough about the network to consider the unknowns that may stop this show from getting a third season.

8. Real Housewives of New York City (843,000 0.3)- This could have done a whole lot worse for a special that seems to have been thrown on the air after the end of the season before it would look out of place. Clip shows and specials are never huge ratings draws but I would rather it be here than used as a placeholder for an unnecessary two week break.

9. Candidly Nicole (250,000 0.2)- VH1 should have never renewed this show for a second season and they decided to minimize their risk by airing the show at 11pm (meaning the ratings don’t count towards their primetime average). If low risk was the goal then the ratings, while terrible, aren’t bad enough to warrant cancellation. However, I think there is a chance that the show will be canceled because I don’t think they were expecting Twinning to get the numbers it has been getting. A renewal for Twinning would render this show useless because they aren’t going to pair this up with another 30 minute show, there’s no incentive to air this between 8-11 and now they have a better option to renew over this show.

10. It Takes a Sister (149,000 0.1)- I would be seriously shocked if Oxygen renews this show. I’m of the mindset that they’re not going to because if they were ok with the ratings then they would have done it already (they tend to do their renewals on the day the finale is supposed to air. The only exception would be shows under the Bad Girls Club umbrella because they never send press releases stating official renewals). These numbers are terrible and they still have plenty of shows that they haven’t renewed with better numbers than this one.