Tuesday, September 15, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/15/15 Edition

I guess you can consider this to be the last slow week until perhaps right before Thanksgiving.

1. Dancing with the Stars (13.13 million 2.1)- This isn’t the best premiere for the show but it isn’t the worst one either. The numbers will probably dip a little when the competition comes back next week but this is a fairly stable show so I’m not expecting a ratings crash from here.

2. Dating Naked (641,000 0.3)- VH1 decided to go right ahead and make the unsurprising decision to renew this show for season 3. Yes the ratings are still a little below last season’s levels with only 1 episode left but this is their top Wednesday show so far this year and any show that doesn’t air on Mondays always has a good shot to return if it can average over 550,000 viewers.

3. Switched at Birth (1.004 million 0.5)- This show looks like it’s trying to fight towards some respectability and these are much needed for ABC Family because their other shows are getting numbers that range from mediocre (their comedies) to downright awful (their reality shows).

4. Real Husbands of Hollywood (827,000 0.4)- So far It looks like this show really isn’t doing worse than last season. The problem is that last season was the weakest season yet foe this show. There’s positives and negatives here and since BET seemed to at least tolerate last season’s numbers, one would believe that these numbers are also tolerable.

5. LA Hair (647,000 0.3)- Just like Kendra on Top lost its lead-in, the same happened with this show. The only difference is that the ratings decline wasn’t a massive one.

6. So You Think You Can Dance (2.44 million 0.8)- I guess we won’t know if this show is returning for a while. The last couple of seasons, the renewal didn’t come until FOX announced their casting dates. I guess the same would happen here if it returns but these numbers have been sad for a very long time.

7. Extant (4.55 million 0.5)- Unlike Under the Dome, the fate of this show is still up in the air. We all know why that is (because CBS needs to see if they can continue to have a deal with Amazon that will keep the show financially viable for both parties). The ratings have never been on this show’s side so those outside factors will determine if this show lives to see a third season.

8. America’s Next Top Model (1.41 million 0.6)- This is actually what can be described as a very good week for this show. We all know its Wednesday days are numbered and when it moves to Friday, we will have the reasonable expectation that these numbers will probably lose about 400k and 0.3 in the demo and that won’t be considered below average for this show.

9. Under the Dome (4.23 million 0.8)- CBS took the suspense out of this one a couple weeks ago when they made the decision to cancel the show. No one thinks the decision made was a bad one and this show did live 2 seasons longer than it probably should have because of ratings (it was meant to be a 1 season limited series with the option for more episodes if the show did well).

10. Beauty and the Beast (760,000 0.2)- The ratings for this show managed to hold steady up until about the last 3-4 weeks. Football played a small part in that but the ratings are so low that even small losses look big. Still doesn’t matter much at all because the show will be back next summer. Let’s hope those in charge come to their senses and decide that next season will be the last.