Wednesday, July 8, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 7/8/15 Edition

I didn't get a chance to post anything last ween and the holiday pushed everything back this week. Things should be back to normal by next week.

1. The Haves and the Have Nots (3.294 million 0.9)- At this point, this show is just going to be the successful scripted show that will never get credit for being successful. Perhaps it’s because the demo isn’t overly impressive. However, you have networks easily renewing scripted shows with half of these numbers and this show continues to chug along.

2. Real Housewives of Orange County (1.997 million 0.9)- This show looks like it might be beginning its seasonal growth trend. It is an old show and it is an old show with a steady audience but for some reason, the numbers start inching up towards 2 million viewers as the show gets rolling and that reason alone makes it one of the stronger shows on Bravo. It is showing no signs of weakness this season.

3. Teen Wolf (Episode 2: 1.176 million 0.5; Episode 3: 1.380 million 0.6)- Both of these episodes are down from the premiere and they are noticeably down from last season’s average. These numbers aren’t troubling for MTV but I’m sure more was expected. This could just be a sluggish start for the show or the show could just be in the process of beginning to show its age. There is no way of knowing which one it is at this time.

4. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (1.631 million 0.9)- This show is shaping up to be down from last season but only by less than 200,000 viewers. Yes, it airs behind the Love & Hip Hop aftershow but you also have to consider that now VH1 has grown very thin with shows that air after Love & Hip Hop. This is still the most versatile show they have and it is the show with the most episodes under its belt. That counts for a lot.

5. Married to Medicine (1.074 million 0.4)- Last week may not have been the best time for a 2 week break but they happen. These ratings may not be that strong but Bravo is really scuffling. The newer shows are really struggling and Sunday nights are looking quite vulnerable even with the lack of competition elsewhere. Right now, this show doesn’t present a huge problem but it can be if these numbers slide as the season wears on.

6. Scream: The TV Series (1.026 million 0.5)- These aren’t overly impressive premiere numbers for a scripted show on MTV. I know all the stops have been pulled out to spin this show’s numbers and try to drum up hype for future episodes and they are going to need it. This show cannot afford to lose any viewers at all. If the numbers hold, there should be room to do another season but MTV probably won’t be hasty about it. They have seen shows have okay or even good starts only to peter out at the end of the season.

7. Under the Dome (5.28 million 1.0)- Season 3 does not appear to be kind here. The show is off to a bad start but as evidenced over the past couple of years, these numbers are still good enough to get a summer scripted show renewed. CBS (well CBS, NBC and ABC to be honest) are really trying to be ambitious and not have to try to rely on cheap reality fare to carry them through the summer but these networks are learning that it is a struggle and all of them are wondering how long they can stick with low rated scripted shows without throwing in the towel.

8. Extant (5.27 million 0.7)- The tragic thing is that as you can see, this show got roughly the same number of total viewers as Under the Dome but with a far lower demo (both shows tied series lows in the demo for these episodes). Clearly, Amazon made CBS a deal they couldn’t refuse but with numbers hitting series lows this early in the season, one has to wonder if CBS will be looking at Amazon to either make a better deal or take the show on for themselves. They are not going to tolerate numbers going even lower than this.

9. Beyond Scared Straight (1.224 million 0.5)- This is the last season and the ratings don’t really matter here. These numbers are on par with past seasons (minus that one season where A&E tried to throw this on Friday nights with no success) and that’s about all that can be expected at this point.

10. The Game (928,000 0.4)- So BET got the bright idea to use this to try to launch/help 2 reality shows last Tuesday night. The results were disastrous since the reality shows got no traction at all and quite a few fans didn’t catch the temporary change for this show. The low numbers here don’t matter as much for this show but BET did botch an opportunity to simply try to launch those reality shows behind the BET Awards last Sunday. I know that move hasn't worked for them in the past but that was a better option than this.