Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 7/14/15 Edition

Lots of premieres this week and that means having a lot of new shows to talk about.

1. Basketball Wives LA (1.904 million 1.0)- I wasn’t surprised that the show got these numbers for the premiere. These are average numbers for the show. What I was surprised about was that this narrowly beat Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I don’t know if this is a burnoff season or not but maybe VH1 just feels like they will be fine with having Love & Hip Hop on Mondays all year round and there’s no more room for this show.

2. Catfish: The TV Show (1.021 million 0.6)- It seems like the break between halves for this season was really short and most likely unnecessary. The ratings haven’t been strong this season and by these numbers, that trend will most likely continue.

3. Teen Mom 2 (1.953 million 1.1)- This has already returned to become MTV’s highest rated premiere this year. I know most people will look at these numbers and think they are not very high yet still acceptable but this is MTV we’re talking about. They are not doing well at all and that is the singular reason why this show is still around.

4. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (1.827 million 0.9)- Unsurprisingly this is a season low in viewers. VH1 had to expect that given the short notice for the move (though the positive stat is that nearly the same amount of people watched the rerun in its regular Monday timeslot). There was also no aftershow this week so this show was able to help Basketball Wives LA while allowing Family Hustle to hold its own with no original lead-in.

5. The Strain (1.664 million 0.8)- So I’ve seen around that this is at least a series low in the demo. That is not very promising for a premiere. Since this is an FX drama, there is still a lot of room here before it falls in the danger zone so I can’t say I’m too worried about it yet.

6. Teen Wolf (1.012 million 0.5)- Not too keen on having this here 2 weeks in a row but it is only here because MTV renewed it on Friday which means it will now officially be MTV’s longest running scripted show with at least 6 seasons under its belt (it was tied at 5 with Awkward but the next season of Awkward will be the final season).

7. Livin Lozada (532,000 0.2)- I’m not surprised with these numbers. These are about average (average meaning 400-600k) for OWN’s Saturday night reality lineup. They aren’t stellar numbers but they aren’t terrible either. These numbers might look like a flop but you have to keep in mind that this airs on Saturday plus OWN is one of the few cable networks where the scripted shows do better than the reality shows.

8. Real Housewives of Atlanta: 100th Episode Watch What Happens Live Special (654,000 0.2)- I’m of the mindset that this perhaps aired a month too late. It also doesn’t help that it had to go up directly against VH1 shows that share the same audience (something that hasn’t happened in at least a year). For this, Bravo will just have to shrug, take the loss and prepare for the return of the next season in a few months.

9. Masters of Sex (583,000 0.1)- This has never been immensely popular. It survives mostly because of critical acclaim but even Showtime has to acknowledge that these numbers are not good for a premiere. This is a series low for the show and these numbers may be a concern going forward. These numbers may not be in instant cancel territory for the network but they are close enough that critical acclaim may not be enough to save the show again.

10. Hannibal (1.38 million 0.4)- This is an example of kicking a show while it is already down. So, NBC thinks that the ratings for their Thursday dramas are so awful that beginning this Saturday, they are shipping this show and Aquarius to Saturday nights. The move itself isn’t too surprising for this show because it is already canceled but it is surprising for Aquarius (only because NBC renewed the show a few weeks ago). I shudder to think how much worse these ratings can possibly get.