Tuesday, June 23, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs 6/23/15 Edition

I really dislike this time of year. Summer is so boring.

1. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (3.000 million 1.5)- This was a little bit of improvement over the past several weeks but still out of reach from most of last season. It is growing increasingly likely that this show won't end up averaging the 3.5 million viewers that the first 3 seasons have managed to attract but it is not impossible. The show will just have to go on an incredible winning streak to get there.

2. Real Housewives of Orange County (1.662 million 0.8)- This is basically here to fill a spot. Premieres, finales and announcements were light this week so basically all but 2 of these shows were thrown on the list this week. I have nothing particularly insightful to say about this show this week.

3. Pretty Little Liars (1.743 million 0.7)- What's new here? Nothing. Nothing at all. The numbers are still steady as ever, it is still ABC Family's highest rated show and every other show on the network has either questionable or struggling numbers.

4. Married to Medicine (869,000 0.4)- This show probably is the culprit to Bravo performing so terribly on Sunday nights now. It is the first show to lead off the night and as history has shown, this show was never all that strong without help (from Real Housewives of Atlanta). I get that this is the third season and Bravo expects their third season shows to stand on their own but at the same time, it is important to make sure those shows have the popularity to be able to carry a night where 3-4 shows have to follow it.

5. So You Think You Can Dance (3.31 million 0.9)- This is another show taking up a spot this week. I don't have anything different to say that I haven't already said in the last few weeks.

6. Return to Amish (1.360 million 0.3)- Now I do remember talking about these numbers just a couple weeks ago and they were fine then. I guess this may just be a bad week but those numbers are a little concerning considering that TLC reality shows tend to skew much older than your average reality show. That demo number is quite low.

7. Ridiculousness (1.050 million 0.5)- So it looks like these numbers are starting to improve a little. Since the show itself is exactly the same thing every week, the likely cause for improvement is probably just the severe lack of competition (keep in mind that the NBA Finals were on the last 2 weeks and there were a lot of Thursday NBA playoff games).

8. Swab Stories- (284,000 0.1)- This show (outside of basically all of VH1's Monday shows) has probably made the most solid case for renewal this year despite sucky ratings. The season average for the show is still highly inflated because of that first episode getting a Monday boost but even without that, it has been one of the better performing non-Monday shows this year so far. Because clearly there is no rating floor this year, it seems that outside factors will be the only thing keeping the show from getting renewed. Going by what has transpired so far this year, the show does have the numbers to return.

9. Sisterhood of Hip Hop (244,000 0.1)- I should have added this last week but I didn't. I will say that I know the first part of last season started strong (by Oxygen standards) but I have no idea how the last part of the season performed. If the show was pulling numbers like this, then it's likely the renewal was given on the strength of those first 3-4 episodes. If the numbers stay like this, I don't think Oxygen's standards are low enough to get this to a season 3, not when they have at least 3 other undecided shows with better numbers than this.

10. Hannibal (1.69 million 0.5)- Well the decision came down on Monday that NBC couldn't stomach these numbers any longer and they finally canceled it. to be honest, this should should have never gotten renewed for a second or a third season. Right now the plan is for NBC to show the remaining episodes while there is a behind the scenes push to get this show a streaming deal but nothing is concrete and things may change in the coming weeks and months.