Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 6/2/15 Edition

I was able to find 10 shows to fill this list up with relative ease. I can't say the same for next week because there won't be as many premieres or finales.

1. America’s Got Talent (11.09 million 2.6)- It’s a little sad that NBC can trust this show to come through with good ratings better than most of their fall shows. At least this show serves as a good outlet to promote the new fall shows because they will need it.

2. Return to Amish (1.996 million 0.6)- These numbers are coming at a time when TLC really needs it. It is never a good thing when a network has to cancel or pull 2 of their top 5 shows within a year. Though this network tends to have more successes than failures, their successful shows aren’t massive hits. The same applies to this show but it is hovering near the top of the pile.

3. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2.373 million 1.1)- This family has been pulling out all the stops to stay relevant and keep this show afloat this season and it has been working. The ratings are slightly improved so far from last season. We have come upon the typical mid-season break (aka they need more time to film and splice together more episodes) and I’m sure there will be more manufactured drama to look forward to if you’re a fan of that.

4. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle (1.775 million 0.9)- Normally this wouldn’t be a great start for the show but it is behind the Love & Hip Hop aftershow and not behind the main show. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta hasn’t turned in the strong numbers VH1 has come to expect from it so everything airing on the night will be lower as a result.

5. Devious Maids (1.465 million 0.5)- I know this is on a new night so I guess the lower numbers are to be expected. Last season wasn’t really a great one and the show really couldn’t afford to lose viewers then so a premiere like this can be worrisome. This show is going to need to find some stability quickly to put itself in a good position to earn a fourth season.

6. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (986,000 0.5)- This is already coming back in at season 1 (reality stars version) levels. That could be a sign that people weren’t interested in last season’s cast. Time will tell if that is the case. I’m not going to make any rash declarations yet.

7. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (2.571 million 1.3)- This is actually a season low for the show. That break last week was not a good one for this show. I’m saying this because the episode from 2 weeks ago was trying to inch closer to normal numbers. The numbers will probably rebound a little next week and I do believe there are probably several more weeks to go for this show but this season is shaping up to be the lowest rated season yet (though there is still a very high chance that this ends the year as VH1’s highest rated show for the fourth straight year).

8. Ru Paul’s Drag Race (387,000 0.1)- I’ve seen a whole season of numbers and I still wish I could have seen numbers from previous seasons. I do know this is a little bit lower than previous finale numbers that I’ve seen from this show. I’m still operating on the assumption that this is the highest rated show on the network so if that’s the case, it’s hard to make an argument against the numbers and I have to believe it will return for an 8th season.

9. So You Think You Can Dance (4.03 million 1.3)- These numbers are about the same as at least the last 2 seasons and they are about even with Hell’s Kitchen. That means the numbers are adequate and they will work for FOX as long as they don’t fall.

10. Real Housewives of Melbourne (346,000 0.1)- I had no idea this was part 2 of the reunion show. Goes to show how backlogged I’ve been the last 2 weeks. I don’t know what happens to this show. It’s technically not produced by Bravo so there’s no huge embarrassment here but season 2 should have never been promoted to primetime (I assume it was done because of the loss of Real Housewives of Miami). If they do decide to air a 3rd season, it should go back to daytime because if it gets these numbers there, they won’t be so bad.