Thursday, January 8, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 1/8/15 Edition

Was not my intention to have to wait until Thursday to get this post up but the ratings longjam as it pertains to this post just now cleared up. Everything should return to normal by Tuesday.

1. Love & Hip Hop (2.665 million 1.5)- It looks like the show needed that little 2 week break because the first 2 episodes while not disappointing were definitely not performing up to expectations. These numbers are better and if they stay in this range I will believe that this is where VH1 wants the show to remain.

2. Celebrity Apprentice (Sunday: 6.31 million 2.4; Monday: 6.49 million 2.0)- After what seemed like an unbearably long hiatus, the show appears to have returned with a little bit of life. Clearly NBC is just treating this show as a seat warmer until The Voice returns but if these numbers stay in this area then it won’t look like a bad plan.

3. Gotham (7.06 million 2.5)- FOX is pleased to know that this show is still chugging along. As far as they are concerned this will get renewed sometime between now and May because this isn’t a decision that requires too much thought.

4. Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (888,000 0.4)- I’m not sure what compelled MTV to make yet another “final season” for this show other than the fact that they came away from last season without one show averaging over 3 million viewers and a handful of shows that flirted with a 2 million viewer average. They struggled last year and so far it doesn’t look like their fortunes will improve this year but for now they do need shows that can attract over 750,000 viewers consistently and this is one of those shows.

5. 2 Broke Girls (9.08 million 2.4)- I’m not going to say CBS needed this show to come back strong but they certainly didn’t need for the show to come back losing steam. That being said, this show is doing fine. Their comedies are rocky and the only reason why no one pays attention to that is because Big Bang Theory shields everything and their dramas pose more attractive prediction scenarios. This is going to skate by and I do expect this to be in that big dump of shows they tend to renew every March.

6. Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons (1.836 million 0.9)- E! needed these numbers for their bottom line but they don’t really solve a thing for them. They still know that the Kardashians are their bread and butter and they still know that they have major problems with launching shows that aren’t tied to this family and as a result they can’t cut the cord and I don’t think they will unless they just end up with a goldmine show falling in their laps.

7. Ridiculousness (10:30pm: 1.012 million 0.5; 11pm: 962,000 0.5)- MTV doesn’t expect much from this show. That’s why they renewed the show for an unspecified number of seasons. These numbers are normal for the show and though they may dip a little in week 2 I’m not expecting them to fall off of a cliff.

8. Resurrection (4.10 million 1.0)- I’m not exactly sure how many episodes are left but I’m certain the total is less than 5 and that means as long as ABC doesn’t skip weeks on this show then the order will be complete by the end of the month and that will be the end of this show.

9. 16 & Pregnant (506,000 0.2)- I’m not sure what this special was for or why MTV decided to sneak it in on a Sunday night but they need to stop doing them. These specials for all of their shows never do very well stuck in on a random Sunday night. They would be better off dumping these specials off at 11pm on a night where they actually have new programming airing.

10. Revenge (3.97 million 0.9)- Last season ABC knew they needed to renew this show no matter what. This season that same rule does not apply (mostly because the rule applies to Nashville). These numbers are not going to earn the show a pity renewal. They are just too horrendous and there’s another hiatus looming on the horizon that will probably keep these numbers low. ABC will need to have a disastrous pilot season coupled with the outright failure of all their midseason shows and some kind of sweet cost-cutting production deal for this show to have a chance at a fifth season because right now I’m not sure too many people are seeing that happen.