Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 1/21/15 Edition

These Wednesday posts are throwing me off and I really hope things get back to normal soon.

1. Empire (10.32 million 4.0)- Not often do shows increase their ratings in their second week. Even more rare is a show not airing on HBO receiving a renewal after only its second week. This show was the benefit of the current environment. Had CBS and The CW not renewed shows during the TCA’s I think FOX would have waited at least 3-4 more weeks to renew the show but they wanted to create buzz and this show gave them the opportunity to do it.

2. The Game (2.098 million 1.1)- Not the strongest premiere but just about on par with last season’s numbers. This is the time of year where BET hopes to make their statement. They are about to go through the next couple of months airing their two strongest shows and for them that somehow carries them through the rest of the year but they are going to need some strong performances from this show and Being Mary Jane going forward to legitimize whatever ambitions they have.

3. Project Runway All Stars (1.642 million 0.5)- I thought the season started off a little weak but it looks like the show is beginning to put together a little run and perhaps viewers are caring more now that the holidays are over.

4. The Originals (1.52 million 0.6)- Well The CW just officially made the next 4 months of ratings watching boring when they renewed all of their current shows except Hart of Dixie. The renewal for this particular show is especially critical because barring a scenario where this show doesn’t film and air 18-22 episodes next season then a fourth season for the 2016-2017 season is all but guaranteed.

5. Mob Wives (715,000 0.3)- This isn’t a very good week for the show. It is a season low but it isn’t a series low (You would have to go back to season 3 to find it but the series low is 639,000 viewers). This show has been known to shake off a bad week or two so I’m not going to proclaim the show is dying just yet.

6. Grimm (4.62 million 1.2)- I don’t think this is a very good return for the show but it isn’t terribly awful. The show isn’t very far off from its normal numbers and this season has certainly performed worse than last season. NBC has bigger issues to worry about (such as the egregious lack of successful comedies) and this show is going to skate by until the end of the season. They really can’t expect better for Fridays not with their other scripted offerings over the last several years.

7. Gotham (6.50 million 2.5)- Before Empire premiered this show was basically the success story of the season so far for FOX. Like Empire, this show was also granted a second season renewal. No one is surprised by the news but I can assure you people will be paying attention to what happens next season while hoping it doesn’t suffer a sophomore slump.

8. Vanderpump Rules (1.336 million 0.8)- I am now convinced this show has done enough to earn another season. Though the numbers really haven’t changed from the premiere until now, you have to take two huge matters under consideration. The first factor is that the numbers aren’t very different from last season. The second is that this is the first season where the show has aired independent of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. That tells me that the people who watched this show last season were the same people who came back this season and the inconvenience of the show being separated from the mother ship has had no bearing on its performance.

9. Hindsight (226,000 0.1)- I don’t really like to mention shows in consecutive weeks but this one here has to be more than a little unnerving to VH1. Now this isn’t the current lowest rated show on the network (that honor goes to Suave Says which will indeed be canceled after one season per the move to 11pm last night), but you can’t forget that this is a scripted show. Scripted shows are more expensive than reality shows. A 0.1 demo is horrendous no matter how you cut it especially when the last season of the only other scripted show on the network averaged just about a 1.0 demo. Mob Wives didn’t really have a good week and I’m sure that didn’t help matters but this was a show that couldn’t afford to lose viewers and these numbers put it in a zone that looks really bad regardless of what VH1 wants to do with the show.

10. Sorority Sisters (Episode 7: 272,000 0.1; Episode 8: 303,000; 0.2, Episode 9: 313,000 0.1; Finale: 258,000 0.1)- After doing some digging to try to find missing ratings last week one thing stood out to me. The decision to cancel this show was not made last Tuesday. The decision to cancel this show came after the second episode. Airing 8 episodes in a span of 11 days and then scrubbing the website of all mentions of the show (an act only exercised towards 5 other shows since 2010. If you’re curious as to what the shows are for personal research purposes they are seasons 3 and 4 of I Love Money, Megan Wants a Millionaire, Wicked Single and Ev and Ocho) is proof that this was purely a cancellation brought on by bad PR. The show is gone and should anyone research it they may run into the byline that the show only averaged 695,000 viewers for the season.