Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 1/14/15 Edition

More delays it seems and it looks like they will extend into next week at least.

1. The Haves and the Have Nots (3.224 million 1.1)- I’ve maintained that this is the surprise cable hit show that no one is giving credit for. The ratings took off last year and these premiere numbers prove the show is still on a roll and the last batch of episodes were no fluke. It will be interesting to see if this holds up for the rest of the season.

2. Pretty Little Liars (2.012 million 1.0)- ABC Family needs to be a little worried about this show’s longevity. These are normal episode numbers but they aren’t normal for a premiere. The first half of the season showed that same pattern and that can’t be a good sign when the network appears to be striking out with finding potential replacements.

3. Chicago PD (7.41 million 1.6)- Not often will you see a spinoff show, particularly a scripted spinoff show that manages to hang in there with the original show. That’s what you get with this show and the feat is a little more impressive considering that this show doesn’t get the opportunity to air on the same night as The Voice like Chicago Fire does.

4. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (606,000 0.3)- I think this is pretty low for the show but I don’t believe these numbers are too low for the network especially for a show that airs on Friday nights. There is a lot of time to grow but if the numbers hold they won’t be much of a disappointment.

5. Marvel’s Agent Carter (6.91 million 1.9)-This is a little better than the regular Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes. It is a miniseries so ABC will have an excuse to not renew it should the ratings fall from here but if they don’t fall too hard (like below a 1.5 demo) I can see them not exactly being desperate enough to order 22 more episodes but they might go for 13 if they don’t want to pick up too many new shows.

6. Masterchef Junior (5.33 million 1.8)- I was a little concerned with the quick turnaround with this show but it looks like viewers have really warmed up to the show. Also FOX rewarded this show with a 4th season so it will probably end up on the fall schedule as they will need to stick with The Mindy Project and New Girl for at least one more year.

7. Chicago Fire (6.77 million 1.7)- This show gets kudos because it is stuck behind 2 comedies that are going to be canceled and yet viewers seek this show out. It isn’t a smash hit show and it never will be one but it is the definition of a utility player and that isn’t a bad title for a show to have.

8. Switched at Birth (1.294 million 0.6)- This is low but like Pretty Little Liars this is basically on par with what the last batch of episodes were doing. This only has the spot behind Pretty Little Liars because ABC Family knows what they are going to get with this show and they appear to be done with trying to launch a new show in that spot.

9. Glee (2.34 million 0.7)- There are no expectations to be had with this show for this season. It is here, the ratings will continue to be low and when it ends that will be it.

10. Hindsight (367,000 0.2)- This is a terrible start for the show and it is yet another show that has failed to gain traction behind Mob Wives. Now this is a scripted show so I’m willing to acknowledge that the standards are going to be different here. This is also the first scripted show in recent years to not air on Mondays (moving the show to Mondays is not an option here because I believe this show is targeting a slightly different audience than the Monday night shows). What I’m unsure of at the moment is whether VH1 had much higher expectations for the show and can’t tolerate the numbers because the costs don’t justify it or if they are willing to be much more patient and generous towards this show (in comparison to reality shows with similar numbers) in the name of really hoping the show finds an audience.