Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 10/28/14 Edition

This week brought along a ton of shows with pretty disappointing ratings and these shows aren't even the worst I've seen this week.

1. The Flash (3.59 million 1.5)- This show is slowly coming back down to earth but the show still remains well ahead of everything else on The CW. As a result, it was rewarded with a full-season order (as was other freshman entrant Jane The Virgin). Ideally, The CW would now like it if this show finds its floor relatively quickly.

2. Drumline: A New Beat (2.364 million 1.1)- If VH1 was expecting numbers like last year’s TLC movie then they have to be severely disappointed. If they are just taking these numbers as is then there are some positives because it held on better to Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’s viewers better than anything they have tried so far. Still these numbers aren’t good enough to push ahead with more movie events or scripted shows. You need to make sure people like and care enough about something first.

3. 2 Broke Girls (8.43 million 2.4)- This show can’t be compared to The Big Bang Theory because there is no comparison to that show. CBS knew they had to lower expectations here and these lower expectations didn’t ruin their entire night so that means the show met expectations even if these ratings are just meh.

4. Grimm (5.28 million 1.4)- This show is down a little from last season’s premiere but it is pretty much in line with most episodes from last season. Now this is a premiere so I won’t be surprised to see lower numbers eventually but with NBC seeing problems elsewhere (particularly Thursday nights and the comedy hour on Tuesdays) this won’t be a high concern for them.

5. Pretty Little Liars (1.304 million 0.6)- So ABC Family broke away from their norm of airing a Halloween themed episode and opted for a behind the scenes special. I’m not sure why they went this route but I suppose they felt something was better than nothing and now this show won’t be seen again until January.

6. Project Runway (2.699 million 0.8)- This was actually a really good season for this show. It started strong out of the gate and managed to grow quite a bit over the course of the season. Perhaps Lifetime needs to evaluate what made this season work over say the last 4 seasons and see if they can try to mimic that formula for next season.

7. Tamar & Vince (686,000 0.4)-These numbers are shockingly low but they are disappointing but I still believe that the reason for the lower numbers may be because of facing off against How to Get Away with Murder and because of that I expect these ratings to be weak all season long.

8. South Beach Tow (740,000 0.4)- I’ve been eying these ratings for the last month or so and I’m still not exactly sure what to make of them. That goes to show you how clueless I am to TruTV and their shows.

9. Resurrection (4.36 million 1.2)- Not too many people are going to mention this but this show has fallen really far, really fast and ABC has to be concerned. They have a lot of clunkers on the network but the difference between those shows (particularly Nashville and Revenge) and this one is the fact that this show clearly has its episode count working against it. Last season ABC only ordered 7 episodes for it because it was a very late entrant that just happened to hit. This season they decided to go for 14 episodes instead of going all in for a full season. That puts its episode count well behind where a second season show needs to be considered for a renewal with even marginal ratings and these numbers are horrendous so this show just might disappear for good before awards season.

10. Breaking Amish (718,000 0.2)- These numbers are really bad and hovering dangerously close to where TLC absolutely will cancel a show. While the network doesn’t have any mega hits, they do have a slew of shows that can cross the million viewer threshold easily. In the past, about 700,000 viewers signaled death for this show so it may be possible that this show could join it and the network will just opt to continue working with the spinoffs they already have.