Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 10/21/14 Edition

This is pretty much a cable dominated post this week and there are quite a few shows on here that I've either passed over with the rush of premieres or haven't been posting remarkable performances over the last month.

1. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.259 million 1.2)- It doesn’t look like it but currently this show is VH1’s second highest rated show of the year so far and at the moment I can only see one possible show that could overtake it if it returns this year (The original Love & Hip Hop). It’s a small numerical victory but I think VH1 hoped this would have made a bigger impact than it has made so far. Fall does tend to be the most brutal part of the year for them on Monday nights so I do think some lower numbers were expected but I don’t think they wanted them to go quite this low for an 8pm show. Still, I can’t say it is in that much danger of being canceled.

2. Real Husbands of Hollywood (2.537 million 1.2)- My judgment gets so cloudy with BET shows at times because their schedule is so intermittent. They have 3 strong scripted shows and yet the breaks between seasons (and between the premieres of new shows) are so large that it’s difficult to try to make comparisons. With that being said, I know a 1.2 demo is standard for this show. This however is a premiere behind a yearly awards show and that could be a problem because there’s nothing stopping this show from dropping in the weeks ahead and then what looks good now might not be so pretty in about 3-4 weeks.

3. Teen Mom 2 (1.245 million 0.8)- This isn’t really a good episode to sum up the season because reunion shows have never performed all that well for MTV. I don’t think this season has been a disappointment but I do think maybe MTV wanted it to do a little better. As it stands the network doesn’t have a clear #1 show (This show, Catfish and Teen Wolf are all tied in there together and I don’t have the numbers on hand). When you don’t have a clear #1 show and your top shows are no younger than 3 seasons old it gets hard to establish what makes a show a keeper and perhaps MTV will struggle with that when trying to make a call about whether this should return for another season (Since MTV is behaving as if they really can’t put the entire 16&Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise to rest).

4. Braxton Family Values (895,000 0.4)- I think this is a very good time for a break for this show. The numbers haven’t been great over the last month and I suspect it is because it shares an audience with ABC’s Thursday night lineup. Perhaps a return after the end of the new season of Tamar & Vince could help these numbers return to regular form but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of this season gets delayed until late spring.

5. Real Housewives of New Jersey (2.442 million 1.1)- This show is finally beginning to show some signs of recovery after a rough start to the season. The numbers may still be a little below where Bravo is hoping they will end up but even if the show stalls out here it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

6. Preachers of LA (578,000 0.2)- These numbers have to be downright disturbing for Oxygen. This season has not performed up to expectations. I believe there is a very good chance this gets renewed for a third season. Though these numbers are down some 40-50% from last season, they are still above the level at which Oxygen has shown they are comfortable with renewing.

7. Couples Therapy (726,000 0.4)- So far this season this show has only had what could be described as one bad episode. While the numbers are down from last season, the show is pretty stable and probably the healthiest season so far. I wouldn’t be quick to say this show is guaranteed to get renewed because healthy looking VH1 shows inexplicably start disappearing after their fifth seasons but this show does have a good shot to break that trend.

8. The Mindy Project (2.21 million 1.1)- FOX is playing their cards really close to the vest here and there may not be very much time left for a miracle (Though the argument can be made that the miracle occurred with this show getting a third season in the first place). Anyway this show only has 15 episodes this season meaning its not impervious to being canceled as a third season show. The ratings are still very low. Admittedly FOX is a mess just about everywhere except Mondays and while there are several shows on the bench, the comedy slate is pretty thin. Still that leaves the opportunity for this show to get left out at the end of the season.

9. America’s Next Top Model (1.06 million 0.3)- For some reason this show’s numbers look awful on Mondays yet not so bad on Fridays. This is a little bit of a bad week but certainly not outside of the realm of possibility for this show. The CW appears to be fine with what this show is doing for them which is keeping the seat marginally warm for half a season until they figure out which shows deserve to get dumped off on Fridays.

10. I Heart Nick Carter (254,000 0.1)- It was purely coincidental that I happened to stumble upon these numbers late Friday afternoon. I also learned in that moment that last week was the first episode VH1 moved to 11pm. Needless to say that tells me VH1 has completely given up on this show and it won’t be renewed. I gave this show a little note in this week’s post because I also believe this may be the last time I see ratings for this show.