Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 10/14/14 Edition

I asked this in the post but I would really like to know where all these people watching The Walking Dead are coming from.

1. The Flash (4.79 million 1.9)- These are massive numbers for The CW and they needed this because the two vampire shows didn’t get off to a very strong start. It is possible that this show will decline in the coming weeks but hopefully the floor isn’t that low because the network is hoping this show will be the success they have been hyping it to be all summer.

2. American Horror Story: Freak Show (6.127 million 3.1)- This show is a weird one to me but it seems to be a habit with FX shows. They almost always appear to get off to good starts and then they start fading down the stretch. FX already renewed the show this weekend so the ratings for the rest of the season probably won’t matter much. I guess it was better to strike while the iron is still hot rather than to renew 4-5 weeks in and the next episode sees a sharp ratings decline.

3. The Walking Dead (17.286 million 8.7)- I seriously have to wonder where these new viewers are coming from. It seems like every premiere and finale either hits or is within striking distance of a series high (this is a new series high by the way). I know these numbers won’t stay here for the rest of the season but they will remain quite high and all of the broadcast networks will continue to feel salty knowing none of their shows on any night can touch this one.

4. Supernatural (2.48 million 1.1)- This is pretty good for a 10 year old show. Sure it probably could have been a little better given how well The Flash performed but at this point it should be known that this show won’t pick up anymore new viewers. Those days are long gone and no one should fault this show for that.

5. Arrow (2.81 million 1.0)- This show put up a fairly strong return despite being #3 for The CW this past week. I can see this show letting The Vampire Diaries back in the mix allowing for there to be a three show race for the #2 show on the network. The top tier shows all appear to be fine for now but there are still quite a few untested rookies on the horizon and some disappointing sophomore shows that could threaten the balance of harmony this year. That wouldn’t necessarily affect the fate of this show but it could have ramifications on its ranking amongst the top 4 shows on the network.

6. Hollywood Divas (453,000 0.3)- I add this because I really don’t see TV One ratings very often. From the few bits I have seen I do know these numbers aren’t bad even though they look low. One has to remember that the network as a whole doesn’t have the same reach as VH1 or Bravo even though their shows get the same amount of coverage on black entertainment sites and as a result, the ratings will show a stark difference.

7. Bad Girls Club: Redemption (886,000 0.4)- These numbers are low, they are lower than last season and they are the lowest premiere numbers since season 4. Last season had the same dismal start until the show worked its way back up to overtake season 11 so I’m not ruling out that possibility here. It’s being heavily rumored that this is the final season of the show and if it is then Oxygen is happy but since this show will likely be on for the next 4-5 months I wouldn’t bring out the funeral attire just yet.

8. How to Get Away with Murder (10.81 million 3.1)- ABC needed this show to be strong and through 3 weeks it has done that. The only disappointing fact here is that they could only order 2 more episodes instead of 9. Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are clearly going on their extended winter hiatuses after mid-November but I’m not sure how that will work out in terms of this show. It is possible it takes a short break for the holiday season and then returns in January or early February to air the rest of its episodes on its own but they won’t stretch the 15 episodes they have out until May because they already have a backup plan in place and I don’t see that changing.

9. Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip (1.428 million 0.7)- This may be a little bit below where VH1 wants it to be but it is on par with how shows in this timeslot have been performing over the last month. For that reason alone it may not be a disappointment only because there’s a chance this show doesn’t fall too much from here. If it does fall then that will be a very bad sign for the show. It cannot afford to lose any viewers here. This hour is way too crowded for VH1 to give a pass to an underperforming show.

10. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (4.73 million 1.7)- This is a very important season for this show and these are not the numbers ABC wants to see this early in the season. Some shows do have the luxury of having outside factors rendering the ratings useless for the show even though those factors are not always known. This show’s outside factors are a little bit more visible so the incentive will be there to ignore underwhelming ratings. I know ABC will look the other way for these numbers but I want to know how low this show can go before turning the other cheek will no longer be possible. It will be an interesting case to watch for the rest of the season because a renewal for this show would almost assure a fourth season for the show unless ABC gets stingy with the episode order to allow themselves a way out.