Tuesday, September 9, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/9/14 Edition

There were some finales this week but the next several weeks will bring a huge crush of premieres and finales as fall cable shows return and the broadcast networks begin their new seasons.

1. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (3.722 million 1.9)- This show has been the show where I think VH1 may have expected it just to do a little more than it did. One can’t diminish the fact that this is the highest rated season of the entire Love & Hip Hop franchise even without posting one episode that set series or franchise highs. I don’t know how VH1 plans to juggle their 8pm shows but I would imagine they would find a way to have this back by late spring again.

2. Teen Wolf (1.543 million 0.8)- So this show didn’t end as strong as the beginning of the season but it wasn’t incredibly weak either. MTV is happy with this show. The show has helped them legitimize themselves with scripted programming for younger viewers and it deserves the positive attention it receives from MTV.

3. Candidly Nicole (417,000 0.2)- Seems like every year VH1 renews one show that really doesn’t deserve it. With a season average of 417,000 viewers, this show definitely holds that title this year. I don’t know if this is a pity renewal or what but bragging on this show improving the network’s 18-49 demo average by 50% is not an accomplishment (This show has basically averaged a 0.2 demo for the season so a 50% increase would surely mean something a little less than a .05 demo increase over the previous year). I dislike renewals like these because the networks always put themselves in the awkward position of either having to stick with a low rated show because their initial standards were so low and it looks stupid to penalize a show for getting the same low ratings the next season or being forced to keep delaying or making moves that indicate a cancellation the next season because they knew they should have never brought the show back in the first place. This was a bad renewal but the one thing that comes from this is that this all but guarantees a renewal for Dating Naked.

4. Ridiculousness (1.155 million 0.6)- This is a little bit of an improvement over the last few weeks but it is still off from its regular numbers. None of that really matters with this show. MTV has already committed to the show and I imagine it is a fairly inexpensive show for them to produce so these numbers can’t be too disappointing.

5. Braxton Family Values (1.155 million 0.6)- This show is at the point in its life where there aren’t really too many surprises with this show. It comes in, it brings the viewers, it helps the younger shows and it brings stability and visibility to a still small cable network.

6. Leann & Eddie (274,000 0.1)- If Candidly Nicole was a bubble show with a lower ratings renewal threshold than I thought then this show still misses the mark. This show getting renewed would probably be among the top 5 surprise TV stories of the year. This show has had horrendous ratings from start to finish and I had to search high and low just to be sure that this was the finale. VH1 appears to be acting as if they are done with this show and I’m not surprised if they really are.

7. Real Housewives of New Jersey (1.821 million 0.8)- The numbers have been pretty stable this season for the most part but stable puts this show right in that territory where it is battling for second place among the Real Housewives shows with Orange County and Beverly Hills. It seems like so far Orange County has the edge but with that season finished and the return of Beverly Hills on the horizon there is still some time for some separation.

8. Atlanta Exes (1.511 million 0.7)- I knew this was going to drop and if it drops more I’ll have it on the list next week but I was expecting the drop to happen next week. Perhaps people jumped ship a week early with the start of football season but Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood will need to fill some big shoes to keep Monday nights together an drag this show across the finish line to get to a second season.

9. Project Runway (1.969 million 0.6)- I don’t have anything additional to add about this show. All things considered this show is putting up a fairly strong season. This show is on the list only because most of my other choices are having finales over the next week.

10. So You Think You Can Dance (4.12 million 1.3)- Another summer, another low rated season of this veteran show. I’m still convinced that FOX will have far bigger concerns than this show so whatever happens, happens and nobody will be surprised with any possible outcome.